New horse won't eat the hay, what to do?

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Dec 1, 2002
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I recently aquired a new mare who is 4 yrs. old and we are only her second home in her life. She is the sweetest and a very dainty mare. I have had her for almost two weeks, we have had her teeth floated last week and all checked out and health is fine.

My problem is that I have been feeding her new grain TC complete and a TC safe starch pellet mixed 2x a day per vet 3 cups AM/PM. She also gets hay (TC safe starch, TC grass forage, orchard mix, and oat hay) I have tried the hay seperate, added the grain to the hay, combinations of the hay etc.

All she will eat is her grain and will pick at the hay. I put hay out with her but my other mini (gelding) tries eats mosts of it and though she will herd him away she only picks at it. She doesn't like to be by herself out/or in since she has always been with buddies. So I really don't want to stress her more than the part of moving to another home. Other than that she seems ok and drinks alot since it also has been so hot here.

Any suggestions? I know that it may take a little while for her to settle in but at this point I am a little concerned.


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Your oat hay is probably the problem.

I tried some once.

Mine pooped in it.
I call it goat hay

It does look like straw, there isn't a good crop of hay since we are still in a drought in NC, I feed the bagged hay mostly.
That's rough if you're in a drought. Mine have never been hungry enough to eat oat hay or anything (stemmy alfalfa - forget it!).

My feed store knows me - softest grass hay only and alfalfa. If it's not soft to my hand I know there will be a lot of waste!
What did her previous home feed her?
The mare was on orchard grass mix. She was on a dry lot before and now is on a dry lot with the other mini. I have been hand grazing her on my fescue mix lawn and she goes to town on that.

I thought she would like the bagged hay (orchard/timothy) mix but she turns her nose at that.
Try the bagged hay that is alfalfa.Most horses love it.If you have a southern States it is sold under Triple Crown brand or Dengi.It is kiln dried, chopped hay that is shrink wrapped into a blae much like shavings are done.If you can't get that try alfalfa pellets.

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