NEW Horse!!! LOTS of pics.!

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Aug 16, 2006
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Sagle, Idaho
We were given a 12 yr. old Appaloosa/Arabian (registered as half Arab) cross mare this week, we got her last Sunday. She's a very pretty mare and has a great temperment. She isn't broke to do anything but lead and tie. The people we got her from live down the road a ways from us and they agreed to pay for her hay for a year if we would take her. They know we are good with horses and take care of them. But instead of driving our truck and trailer down the road; my mom and I rode off down the trails all the way to their house to get this mare and pony her off of my dads mare Lucky all the way home. It was nice for us to see how she would handle the trails though, she did a lot better than we expected. She cross a very fast running creek, went through very deep mud puddles, up and down steep hills, and by traffic. She did awesome! Especially for a horse who has never even been out of the pasture she was born in for 12 yrs. (her whole life!). We were very impressed with the way she handled everything. Anyways, here she is INTRODUCING "Brandi"~

Oh and keep in mind she is totally out of shape, needs her feet trimmed badly, and hasn't been groomed or handled much at all her whole life, needs to be wormed, etc. we can't wait to see what she looks like this summer though after some work!

I took a pic. of us bringing her home.....


Shortly after arriving home~









Awww, Brandi is such a pretty girl! I love the half arab head. Her profile is so very similar to my Arab/Saddlebred mare, it's amazing.

Enjoy her, she looks like a friendy mare and sounds very kind and willing.
Congratulations on your new horse!

Considering she's never been out of her pasture, I think she looks great! And it seems like she has lots of potential with how well she did on the ride to your house!!!

We've always believed that even the prettiest horses should have a brain that works properly! What good is a drop dead gorgeous horse if you can barely handle it? You got lucky with getting a smart AND pretty horse!!!
She is similarly marked to Khemosabi, who is her registered arabian parent? For sure has Khemosabi in the background. She is very pretty.
Oh, she's LOVELY!!!
What a beautiful, special girl she is. You can see her spirit radiating.

She certainly could have Khemo in her background, some of the look is there, but lots of other Arabs have that look too. My mom's bay with three white socks looked similar but his resemblance was to his grandsire Witez II, not Khemo.

What great pics! I love #1 and 4. She looks special and it seems the owner knew the perfect home for her.
I love how you ponied her home.
How awesome is that????? A free horse and she is beautiful to boot

P.S. I LOVE her name lol

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