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Dec 8, 2005
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Clatonia, NE
Hi everyone!

Well....... there's a brand new miniature horse club in Nebraska that just had thier first meeting last sunday. This club is for AMHA & AMHR. And our goal is to put on "cost efficiant shows". The club is pridominately of AMHR people. Besides me there is just a couple other people (right now) that show at AMHA shows. We are having our first show, just R only on June 21st in Lincoln, NE and it is going to be a very FUN show at ONLY $35 a horse!! Stalls are only $25. Which means I can bring almost all my horses to show at that price!! And it's ALLLLL indoor!! And there will be 2 judges......

But getting back to the AMHA part of it....... It is up to ME to gather ALL the info and PROVE to our club that by also have a AMHA show that the A show won't bring the club into the negative and cost them.......

I've been wanting to get a AMHA (and other people) in Nebraska for a while!! Because I have to go SO far to qualify for Centrals........

I would REALLY like everyone's input and would like to know who would all be willing to come to Nebraska for a A show. It would be a A & R show and will try to have it very cost efficiant as possible. This would be for the 2009 show season (looking at the month of June next year).......

So I want to get ALL my homework done and have everything ready when we meet back up the end of May so I can show them that we can put on a A show also and beable to bring people in and really work!!

I think there will be a good number of people because they will want to try to qualify for Centrals and everyone has to travel so far for a A show.

Also....... I would LOVE to get some ideas for fund raisers!!!!!!!!!!

Please leave input....... This is a HUGE step in getting AMHA show to Nebraska! I'm SO excited and VERY determined to get this thing going and want it to be fun & affordable!!!

Oh! And before I forget our new miniature horse club is called Bluestem Miniature Horse Club and our website online (if you would like to check us out and we NEED memebers!! Very cheap to join!! Would love everyone's support of our new club!!!)

Thanks for your input!!
I don't of course have A horses, but can't wait for the R show!!!! It will be so nice to have something else close to show at!!!

Anyone else in the area have A horses that would like to see a new midstates A show???

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