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Apr 29, 2005
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Southeast, Colorado
Haven't been able to post or even get on my computer as it crashed Thursday night. So I am posting from work.

Needless to say my computer isn't the only thing that crashed. My orphan colt, Lucas, did on Monday. He had a diarrhea on Monday and started refusing to eat. So gave him Pepto and mixed his milk with Pedialyte.

Tuesday he was better - then by Tuesday night he was going down again. He would curl his lip and refuse to drink or eat anything - this was through the night.

Wednesday called the vet first thing in the morning. Lucas had no temp - little sign of dehydration and his gums were normal. So the vet put him on Tribrissen Paste. He has shown some signs of improvement.

What I need suggestions on, is I have been going out and washing his rear off with Dial antibacterial hand soap mixed in with water to try to keep the diarrhea from scalding him too bad. Is there anything out there that I should be using instead of this that will take it off easier? Also should I be putting anything on this area after I clean it? I thought of Vaseline, but thought everything will stick to this that he lies on. Also have been using a natural fly spray (Nature's Defense) but doesn't really seem to be working and all others say not to use on a horse under 9-12 weeks of age. So do any of you know of a insect repellent that might work better?

I am thanking all of you in advance - in case I can't get my computer back up - I will have a friend check replies for me - I really do appreciate any and all suggestions!!
I'm sure you'll get more suggestions, but here goes...

I'm sure the dial is fine for cleaning up, I think that's what I used when my filly (APHA) had foal heat scours. Go ahead and use the vaseline, yes some bedding and such might stick to the vaseline, but the nasty diarrhea won't, which will help her rear heal faster. You might also try Desitin (or generic equivalent), it's for diaper rash, which is basically what she has.

Wishing your boy a speedy recovery.
For poor scalded butts (human or otherwise), nothing I've found works better than Boudreau's Butt Paste...yes, that's the name!

Is the baby on probios paste? He could sure use it, or plain yogurt.

Also, we have had some success using Gentomycin injectable orally for foals that were down with other complications, but developed debilitating scours. It seems that it's very effective at zoning in on bad stuff in the gut without being too readily absorbed into the bloodstream. We used a small dose (like 1/4 cc 2 x daily). You might mention it to your vet as an option.
How much plain yogurt would you give him? He is a full size baby - born 7/5 - lost his mom on 7/8. Also, would you syringe it into his mouth or how do you go about giving it, since he isn't eating or drinking that readily that I could mix it in with anything?

I have been getting up every 2 hours to try to get him to eat/drink a little of something. I sure hope he snaps out of it soon. It would be so devastating to lose him now - after a month of taking care of him.
Desitin on that poor scalded rump, I've got a big horse with practically permanent scours and I usually just end up washing his butt with pony shampoo over and over until he's clean, spraying show sheen down his hind legs really well and then Desitin'ing the poor abused skin under his tail.

I bought that Nature's Defense flyspray trying to be environmentally friendly, but then my mom read a product review in John Lyon's Perfect Horse that said the stuff was dangerous.
So true or not, now she won't let me use it. You can try vinegar (sprayed on) or also Avon Skin-So-Soft. I'd imagine that's safe for a foal.

Good luck!


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