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Dec 24, 2002
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I have a return customer for a mini mule. The mare is AMHR registered as a Silver Dapple. I believe she is a Silver Bay. I need a second opinion as I'm still learning the many mini colors.

I'm thinking her mule foal may be a silver bay too but only time will tell for sure. The foal was originally for sale but now they want to repeat the breeding and try for a matched team.

This is mamma, Tammie


This is her foal, Mazey

The mare is a typical Silver Bay, I think the foal is also Silver- but it may turn out to be Silver Black or Dapple. I can see why they want to repeat the mating!!
Little Mazey looks like a good match for Bunny! Sorry, Wylie. They're both adorable and I agree with Fizz- Tammie is silver bay.

I can see shades of grey down the front of the foals legs- missed it the first time, now I've cleaned my glasses
SO- she may well be a Silver Bay. Time will tell. The one thing they cannot be sure of the same colour next time, unfortunately.
I also can see why they'd like to duplicate the breeding. Mazey is just precious!
Thanks for the help! Tammie didn't look like this last year. She was darker all over so you couldn't see her socks. Poor little lady is a little thin so we are going to work on that.

Wylie (or the Bunny) is a month older than Mazey but Mazey is a good 2" taller than her! She is going to be a nice mini mule and another odd color for mules. The owner was hoping for a black but seems to have adjusted to this color.

I'm really pleased with the personality and dispositions my jack is passing on. All his offspring are "in your pocket" mules. Of course, Wylie is the best!

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