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Jan 19, 2006
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Ontario Canada
Need prayers to help my daughter who had the preemie baby,

Husband has gone over with a generator, hydro went out and the basement is floading because sump pump is off. They had a bad thunder storm over there, and heavy and steady rain all day....

Does not take long to fill up and furnace and hot water tank is just about to get water into them.

Called hydro and will not be restored for at least 2 hours.

over 200 homes are without hydro.

thanks in advance. Sure hope my husband can get the old generator working ....
the old generator started and got the water out before coming up to the furnace.
That's wonderful...I can only imagine what folks are going through down south. I know there are flooding issues where I am (Michigan) , which is unheard you are propably getting what we had earlier today...which was non has stopped here, so hopefully yours will be stopping soon too...

Hope they get their power back soon.
Mary, where are you in Ontario? We were suppose to get heavy rain and some winds tonight but it looks like it is going to go north of us more towards Pembroke area. At first they said our area would get it and Ottawa as well but Environment Canada weather has removed us from the weather warning -watch I am concerned becasue I am on mare stare and it's hot and humid and I don't particularly want to close the barn doors unless necessary. They said the temperatures would drop quite a bit with this storm and be much lower tomorrow, a high of 12 celcius only.

Hope your daughter/her husband and her sweet baby are doing okay now that you have the generator going.
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Sending prayers your way. Hopefully by now their power is back on and the rain has stopped.
Prayers for your daughter and her precious little one. Positive thoughts coming your way that all will be Ok and the rain will stop and the flooding will go down. God bless.
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I hope everything is okay with you guys. How's your daughter making out? Did she get her power back? Even in T.O. we got a really good shot of rain. I must say that the weather this year has been the pits. Crappy summer and fall isn't shaping up much better.
Hope they didn't take long getting the hydro restored!!!

It POURED on fun is that to be at an outdoor dog show and pack everything into your car in the pouring'll take a good week of sunshine to dry everything out!!

Yesterday, thankfully, the rain stayed away until we got home...but boy was it humid...and boy did it ever come down when it did!

The girls won't be getting near the creek til it subsides a bit!!!

Hydro was restored around 3:00 a.m.

Mom and baby did not get much sleep.

along with their lab and dachshund did not like the storm...

All is well today, and the generator had enough gas to get them through the hydro outing.

Thanks all for your good thoughts and prayers.
I am sorry I am late on this tread. I am very happy to hear everything is going ok now. Thank you for updating us!