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Mar 19, 2004
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awaa gee not one reply in over 6 dumb for asking
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No need to get snide... when I went to bed last night this post wasn't on (you posted 1:30am EST), and when you edited the post it was 8am! Leave it up a bit longer and people will see and try to help. Remember the window for testing IgG is 18 hours, so you have plenty of time.
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I read this but have no experience with the snap test so didnt reply. Those that use them probably havent seen it yet.
Ok, what's the snap test? I'm getting ready to call the vet to do an IGG on a filly born last night. Is there an easier way?

WHAT IS the question? Help with what? You don't understand what they mean? You don't know how to get them? Pretty open ended post!
I read it last night but had no idea what the answer was. Not many people are online that late. I was only here cus im on marestare
I read it last night too, but didn't have an answer for you. If your foal is getting weaker, then you needed a vet immediately and I know that you had tried to contact one. Hope you got one to come.
Charlotte, snap test is a rapid IgG done right there in the barn. Gives results in just a couple of minutes. I've watched the vet do it but haven't done myself. It gives an approximate result according to how closely the color matches the control spot - clear as mud?
Looks like a drug/urine test kit if you have seen those. Add a few drops of foals blood to solution and it turns it some degree of blue to match one of the controls, which indicate the IgG number. Last one I did was less than 400 the first day, but the second day another test went to 800.

Being SNIDE Nathen l was actually asking for help yes l was aware most were sleeping and l did check a lot for 6 hours because time was the issue to see if by CHANCE any one had an answer. lf there are no vets available to answer a question or even call back till morning this place was all l could think of to ask for help...l removed the post after one of the vets called back shortly after the foal died...l am sorry you people posting now feel l am rude snide think whatever.
I didnt think you were being snide just desperate but I had no answer for you am so sorry that your baby didnt make it. Prayers for you and mama.
Oh, I'm so sorry that baby was lost!
Hugs to you.

Jan, does the vet pull blood for this particular test? Which I can't do of course. I'm sitting here right now in great frustration because the vets are all 'busy'! I need an IGG on a new filly!!!!!!!! I may have problems! Now what do I do????? Is there an at home test that can be done without pulling blood? I mean, like a finger stick for diabetics?

They all require blood... and some require a centrifuge as well. Drawing blood isn't a terribly difficult skill to learn, and is far safer than giving IV injections. Its much easier to learn on big horses before minis though, and babies are hard regardless!
Yep, have to pull blood for it.....but it literally only takes a couple of drops. She didn't get any in the tube last time but a couple of drops spilled on her finger. She drew them up and used that LOL, and it was enough.

I saw the post, but didn't have a clue on how to help. I am so sorry that you feel we let you down. (maybe in some way we did) I didn't read the post because i knew it would be something i couldn't answer, but if i had just responded at least you would have known someone was out there who cared. I am truely sorry for that. I know how helpless you must have felt grasping for anything and anyone to help. It sounds like your foal must have slipped away so fast that their may have been nothing you could do. I am so sorry. I know you are heartbroken. I will try to watch the posts more carefully next time and even if i can't help at least i can let someone know they are not alone.

Shelia B.
So sorry for your loss. I had no clue how to help either. So sad.

I'd like to tell you how badly I feel for your loss. Unfortunately I didn't see your question about the snap test last night........and probably wouldn't have been able to answer.

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