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Sep 8, 2011
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Hello everyone!
I am looking for recommendations for harness for my pony. We do cde's with a four wheel cart, and a few of the big horse drivers comments on fit and movement of the brestcollar harness I have now.
The pony has a somewhat low set neck and the collar slips down, especially in the terrain, putting strain on bone. He has never quit on me, but hauling the kg he is it may be a matter of time..

I have been recommended trying a collar (and hames) for him to free up the shoulder, increase the power ratio and give him more air.
Any suggestions that would work both in the dressage arena and terrain? I am not a fan of the euro/french collars, as I have seen too many of them flex in use and pinch around the neck and shoulders, like we see in a marathon course.
My initial idea is something like the 9S full face collar Chimacum makes. Other ideas, makes or sellers? Any recommendation are very appriciated!

This is Bentley and me (Emilie hanging on for dear life), and the Ideal eurotech brestcollar harness we use for now.
You might get an idea of the set of singletree versus draughtline here, but not the best picture to evaluate, sorry

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You might get a better idea from this one. (Please excuse the shoddy braiding :D:D)
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I know nothing about collars (names) so I will be no help with that but I just want to comment on what a beautiful pony you have. You look lovely together.
Did you ever try a "super V" shaped breast collar? It is difficult for me to see if your breast collar is shaped or not from your picture. I just bought a super V breast collar with an adjustable line of draft and I am having good luck with it. My regular breast collar was not fitting where the neck ties in to the chest and causing problems.
Every one that I know of that has done business with Chimacum seems happy with the products. I bought my harness through Yonies Harness Shop as I knew the harness sales rep. and she measured my minis. I was happy with them and I believe they do hames style harnesses, too.
Thank you! :p
He is greatly beloved,and my biggest hope is that he will someday put that hackney temper to use working FOR me instead of discussing everything.:oops:

I have tried a few softer ushaped breastpieces but none as vshaped as some I have seen here. I have seen people driving with zilcos empathy collars and I'm not quite impressed. There may be better working harness brands but it would probably be a stable problem with line of draft putting strain in the neckstrap and the breast-piece tilting with low swingels, or just plain pressure on the shoulder tips, even if it would admittedly improved his air.

The very persuasive lady behind Pattys Pony Place (who makes the most amazing skijoring harnesses and builds some very lovely carts with some nice solutions around the physics problems in driving) gave me the advice to find a coblentz collar, and then I think I'll buy the hames and tugs via Chimacum as I have next to no idea what I'm ordering trying to get all the right little pieces and buckles I'll need in loose weight :rolleyes:
But maybe I'll have to take a look around Yonies Harness Shop before! :D
Your pony is a Hackney? :)
My dream for the longest time was to have a Hackney. I did have a pony that was probably part Hackney. He was quite a fellow with a huge personality.
Thank you regarding the skijoring harness. I am happy to hear of my ability to be "persuasive"! I have found that to be fairly easy, and would say that is due to the knowledge base I have, and the data I present being factual, and not just fluff opinion, or based in trying to sell things. Sure you saw a recent post comparing two collars, on my FB page? One was a Coblentz, the other was a Broadhead collar, and the differences between them were pretty serious. Hames and short tugs are also not created equally either - and my recommendation for you to get them is Yonies. Talk to them about the length of the short tugs - when I make short tugs for harness I build for minis, they are only 6 inches long. If they are too long - they will jam up in the girth line of the harness. The hames must be made correctly in terms of how they fit into the groove of the collar, per the bend at the bottom - again, talk to Yonies. I have helped more than a few people over the years, to correct both products, and most often, data, that they have gotten from dealers. As far as you using full neck collars - they are the best - but your vehicle has to have the low attachment point for the line of draft to be right. If it is the vehicle in the photo, you are good to go on that, as it is not correct for the harness that is on the horse. I include a photo of where the hames should be on the collar. These hames should be available through Yonies - but not Chimacum - their hames are curved in such a way, that the trace attachment point is lower than it should be, which causes the top of the collar to tip forward. More physics!! Good luck you you - and feel free to message me any time!


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