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Dec 11, 2002
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Alright, get your minds out of the gutters! We clipped the weanlings this weekend and boy were we surprized with our Happy Hooligan OK colt. I thought he was nice, but not this nice!


Then we clipped our filly. She's going through a stage, but she's still a keeper in my books (wish the colt was a filly too!).

Gosh what great horses!!! Im impressed very nice and so dainty. How tall are they currently?
Thank you! I currently don't know how tall they are. They should mature in the 42" range, so sorry no double ASPC/AMHR papers here. I purposely breed for the 42" and over shetlands. I would guess that they are about 34-36" currently.

Leanna, I think if you added more color to him or took away the dark head it would actually detract from Shiner's overall beauty. I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't happy when I saw his markings. A white body and a dark head does not work on most horses, but with him, I really believe it accents his beautiful head and really makes him pop. Believe me, I had no idea what I had in him until this Saturday!

Minihorses4ever - I can make owning a shetland possible.......
I see you are in TX. Where abouts and do you plan on attending the Corsicana or Glen Rose shows this fall? Shiner will be there!
Carin, Shiner looks much more handsome then his baby picture. Not that he didnt before :)

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