Mystery Illness........have you ever had this?

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Nov 30, 2002
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Back on Feb. 25 I went to the doc because I thought I had strep throat. IT was all white and sore. They did a bunch of different tests. All came back negative. They gave my some antibiotics if I wanted them. They said it was probably just a virus passing through and would go away on its own. Few days later it was gone.

Now I have had these mystery spots show up 4 times between Feb 25 and now. I currently have them again, which showed up a few days ago.

They make your throat sore, and when I have to swollow or brush my teeth it makes me want to puke.

I am getting irritated with them. I have hard times beleiveing I have been sick so much in such a short time. Last time before this started that I was sick was Jan. 07 with strep and double ear infection. I dont get sick often.
I had this exact same thing years ago when I was younger. I was told by an ear nose and throat dr it was chronic infection from having strep throat so many times when I was even younger. He insisted my tonsils come out and it was the best thing I did. I felt so much better after and no more constant sore throats and gross tastes in my mouth! I was 22 when I had mine out.

He said if you leave it eventually it will infect your bloodstream and could affect your heart etc from the constant infection in the tonsils
Well that might explain why I don't get strep throat-- I had my tonsils out when I was like 5. And I was terribly sick with tonsilitis many times. Yes, I remember. (And I remember the mumps too)

I do get spots but it's never strep.

A few years ago I got sick and had this yellow tongue and my whole mouth was sore as if it had cancres. But it didn't. Hand and mouth disease that babies usually get. (No not hoof and mouth!lol)
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Could it be some sort of Thrush?

I've noticed that this winter all of our family has come down with various flu bugs/colds much more than normal. And a lot of our friends say the same thing too........
Yes, I've had this several times in the past couple of years. My whole throat gets covered with what looks like white cotton, it goes further down my throat than you can see and is very sore. I run a fairly high and steady temperature that doesn't come down with meds (tylenol or advil) and my throat and tonsils swell really bad. The last time I had it I saw 3 different doctors where I live an all tested for strep and wouldn't give me any antibiotics because the test came back negative. Finally I was so sick I took a bus 2 hours to my hometown to see my old family dr, who was shocked and angry... I was so full of infection my tonsils almost burst and the infection would have gone septic, possibly causing death. (the drs here in the city told me to take a few days of work and sleep it off, advice that probably would have killed me if my tonsils had burst through the night). My family dr pt me on strong antibioticsand wanted to admit me to hospitald but agreed to let me stay home with my step dad if he promised to rush me to hospital if my fver spiked or I got incoherant through the night. Witin 12 hours of my first dose I started to feel better and the white stuff started to peel off in chunks from my throat. With 24 hours the white stuff was gone and within a few days I was feeing better but weak.

The first ime I had the infection I was living home and my family dr caught it right away, sent me to a specialist and neither to this day know what was wrong. He had to put me on IV antibiotics that time as I couldn't swallow (and I was due to move into my residence appartment at university in a few days, he wanted to get the meds into my blood stream so I could get there on time and get the good room, he is a sweet guy-also delivered me when I was born LOL)

Unfortuately, to this day we o not know what the infection is, but I have my suspicion that it lies dormant in my tonsils, however my dr still won't agree to take them out. Maybe after another bout or two. My dr and I suspect it has something to do with my having Mono when I was 16.
Could be an allergic reaction to something you are eating or using. My sister used to get that all the time until they started doing allergy testing,,and her not using or eating the foods she has problems with.

Cleared her throat right up.
Could be an allergy?

Not sure to what... by my friend got that because she was allergic to penicillin. She was taking penicillin for a toe surgery and then her mouth started doing that! After a few painful days they figured out what was going on.

I'd vote for a tonsil issue, too. My nephew has had reoccuring ear infections and such for years (he's 12 now), and hearing issues. The doctors finally realized it was because his tonsils and adenoids (sp?) were getting inflamed over and over and over- basically hosting bacteria that I guess never fully went away?

They removed them just a few months ago, as far as I know he's doing 100% better.

The hearing issues were a family related thing- it seems this family is prone to small eustachian tubes, and every time he'd get sick, they'd end up blocked.
When i was young i had tonsilitis, strep throat and constant ear infections. they took out my adnoids thinking that would help but it didn't When i was 6 my mom insisted they take out my tonsils and i've only had ONE ear infection since (i'm 28) and no other strep throat or anything since and i was in High school when that happend and I think it was because of swimming. I do have a lot of scaring on my ear drums from all the infections early on but it took care of that problem!!

Amazing how taking those out makes such a huge difference!!

Sorry can't help you with the stuff going on in your mouth. It may possibly be a Yeast infection (thrush is also a yeast infection). Try taking some probiotics (Acidphilus, Kyodophilus, cultured yogurt ect). If it's yeast a Prescription for Difulcan could make a huge difference as well.
Have they tested for some type of yeast infection??? Your tonsils are part of your immune system and filter captured toxins through it (just bigger lymph nodes). Yeast is a re-occurring problem and can do with diet. Do you eat yogurt??? The lactobacilli in there helps control yeast problems (an easy solution for women with re-occurring vaginal yeast infections). Or as some suggested, maybe an allergy to something???
I thought of the same thing Keri mentioned, yeast. Adding yogurt daily will help as will taking acidophillus. There are so many supplements out there, but I've found Culturelle to be a great one. You can find it at most stores. Best of luck finding out the cause of this.
Hey Ashley.....if you are recovering from this now, make sure you throw out your toothbrush and get a new one. Our doctor always recommends that because you run the risk of re-infecting yourself.

I also had a sinus infection I couldn't get rid of even after two different Z packs and our doctor put me on 30 days of antibiotics instead and finally cleared it up.
I feel fine now......aside from the wonderful cold I am getting! :DOH! I just want to be healthy for the next few weeks to get me through finals. Then when I start my summer session 2 days later I dont care if I get sick.

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