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Nov 30, 2002
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We have mare named "Ellie Mae", year before last we had to close up a small corner of the property completely closed in with no gates until we could take down one side so we could get a backhoe in that area. We came in from work one day and found Ellie Mae with no water and over in that area?????

Last year when we came home from work we found Ellie Mae once again in an area she wasn't put in. She was pregnant so we had her in with the broodmares when we left her that morning for work, that afternoon she was in witht the show horses in the drylot????? We have always accused the termite guy that does the yearly contract on our house of looking and snooping where he shouldn't of and accidently letting her in the wrong pen.

Ok, today I came home from work to check on Ellie since she is getting close, and she was in the drylot with the show horses once again. I was all upset with my husband since he is the one who turned her out this morning. "Why in the world did you put Ellie in with the show horses?" I am griping at him. But he said he put her out with the broodmares once again?????

I solved todays mystery I think. I walked the whole area and came across a cattle panel that the staples had popped out over time I guess except for one on the top. So if she were to back up and rub her bottom (which she really likes to do now that she is getting closer to foaling) she would just push the panel up and out and presto chango houdini is on the other side!

They do keep me on my toes! Maybe I have accused the termite guy wrongly?
That's funny. I have a mare that rubs her butt and can open anything. Once she does it once she can do it forever. I have always let her in my back yard which is fenced in by a chain link fence, but now I have to watch her when I do because she rubs her butt against the gait and can open it. It takes a lot of pressure to do that but she does it somehow.
I'll bet your mare has been getting herself into the wrong pens all along. Good thing you didn't tell the termite guy to stop being so snoopy and letting your horse get into the wrong places.

Our 3 month old filly, Frosty, keeps getting into the adjoining corral with the 3 older fillies. Lucky for her they don't mind her, and she's actually able to kick them around as she pleases. I couldn't see her jumping the fence, and while in a couple spots the page wire is a bit stretched at the bottom and can be lifted/pushed up just a bit, it doesn't seem to be enough to give her room to push her head under, and then push all the way through. First time she did it we thought it was a fluke. Then she did it again later in the day. Next day when I was at work she did it again, only that time the 7 week old colt, Dandy, got in there with her. He was not a happy camper! My mom moved them back, and half an hour later Frosty was in there again. Next day, she got into there again. She is Dandy's buddy, so when she gets out of their corral he starts hollering & raises the alarm....little tattletail!

We think we've figured out what she does--she lays down right by the fence, then starts pushing & kicking with her feet until she gets herself pushed right under the fence. That one time as she was doing that, Dandy must have stuck his head under to see what she was doing, and the rest of him kind of followed....

The fence is now fastened down differently, and she's been staying in her proper place.

I guess there are a few little 4 legged Houdini's around!
We've got 3 hudinis at home! My arab open gates with his lips, Luna(baby paint) falls asleep on one side of the fence and wakes up on the other, and impatiens(mini) wlks right through the bars of the pens...
That's the exact thing that one of my minis did! We kept coming home and she wasn't where she was supposed to be. It was a cattle panel that was loose enough for her to push through and then would go back and look perfectly normal to the rest of the world.

If I were you I'd be looking for those staples! They'd be awful stuck in somebody's foot. Every once in a while I find one and put it in my pocket. I usually forget it until it pokes me or I decide to empty my pocket.
I usually forget it until it pokes me or I decide to empty my pocket.
Or I wash and dry it and you can hear it going clink, clink, clink in the dryer.
Oh my gosh!
The poor termite guy...

So help me...I have tears rolling down my face because for some reason my vivid imagination had no problem picturing this little termite guy looking into your barn and messing with the horses and panicking when he let one out into a different area.

Sorry, momentary insanity there.

I'm glad you found out the mystery. Although, I'm going to have to tell my dad the termite guy version and see what he says.
They will find the ONE PLACE to get out......everytime.

At least yours is already preggers. I had a 3 yr old mare (obviously in heat) who was rubbing such a loose at bottom fence and it was next to the stallion! She went under and was immediately bred for her efforts
. While it wasn't the stallion I had wanted to use, it was ok and so I put her on the stallions report. It did produce a lovely filly!

Where's that "one time can do it" thread??????

I swear, fencing is a full time job. I feel it is akin to the prisoner who digs a tunnel out and no one knows until he escapes. These guys are tricky!

At least you now KNOW how she's doing this. Not the termite man!

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