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It’s impossible to tell from pictures unfortunately. With a bit more information it may help….How far along is she? When was she with the stallion if you don’t know number of days. When did she start an udder? Can you take more pictures of her udder. Preferably one like this? Can you also get a picture of her from the side with her legs straight under her?


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I don't get the impression she's quite done yet. My recommendation is the same every year: Check the fluid from the udder. Express some and test the pH. You will see a drop 12 - 24 hours prior to foaling and it will change from yellow clear to a thicker, white fluid (milk). Not everyone is comfortable expressing and testing, but it's proven to be the most consistent sign I've found.
That udder should get a lot larger. Is she a maiden?
Not necessarily... I had a maiden who barely got an udder at all. She did not produce milk well and we had to supplement that colt quite a lot. I won't breed her again because of that. Others will bag up and milk like a dairy cow. Each is different.

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