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Sue S

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Mar 30, 2007
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Had vet out today to check my mare, she has been coughing alot, so hard that she almost falls down, started bad day before yesterday, Yesterday I called the vet to come out and they didn't have time, their so busy. Well today a vet came out not one I usually have, this one didn't know to much about minis and wouldn't listen to us when we tried to explain how shw was yesterday. Today of coarse she is not coughing so much, Of coarse the vet was coming out, He said she has copd, He put her on SMZ-TMP, 3 pills aday, Has anyone used this meds on there minis? I don't like giving her meds when she is preg. He said it won't hurt the foal, just alittle afraid of it. I have to take all the dry hay away from her and the straw, Have to soak her hay in water also can not use straw in her stall, have to use shavings. One thing she doesn't have a temp. Another thing about this vet is I told him I want to clip my 2 preg. mares he told me not to, I said I don't want the babies to choke on the moms hair, he said they won't choke on it. Another thng is I told him that she was put in with the stallion April 15 of last year, he didn't listen he kept saying august that she was put in, never again will I have this vet out, my hubby was so mad he almost exploded.
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Hi Sue,

It is really frustrating when a vet (or a pediatrician) won't listen; you have my sympathies. I've been through stuff like you describe many times! You really have to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to any advice, from professional to unsolicited.

Anyway, the advice on reducing dust was good, IMHO, whether your mare has COPD or not. (It could be seasonal allergies.) If you reduce the dust in the horse's environment, you reduce the aggravation for the lungs...

I have seen SMZ discussed on this forum, but don't know what it is. Our vet prescribed prednisone (oral tablets) for our mare with COPD, along with wetting the hay and reducing stall time. I have seen articles on using inhalers (check for some big horses - the same kinds they use for humans with asthma...

You might also try something like Breathe Easy after she foals...

Here's hoping your mare feels better soon, and best wishes for a healthy foal.

Edited to add: I wouldn't have that vet out again, either! Hope you can find somebody who knows minis AND can listen... I'm sure there are other folks on the forum who have more experience and can give you good advice.

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