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May 23, 2007
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Cape Neddick, Maine
Cami aka DSB Calamity Jane (4 G's Hapers Little Mishap X Alliance Rowdy Side Effect) arrived at my house yesterday. She is a 5 year old 33" silver bay mare. I'm very excited to show her! Her first show is the Maple E Spring Classic AMHR show. I'm going to show her in youth classes. The classes include mares in hand under, solid color A, hunter A, western country pleasure driving A, and open versatility A.

Thank you so much Heather! She and I are going to have so much fun together!



Congrats! It looks like you and her will be a good team!!! Good luck in the show ring with her!!
She's a beautiful mare, and sounds like she is very versatile too!
Congratulations and have lots of fun with her (and I hope you do some WINNING too!)
Thank you all so much for congratulating me! I'm very excited to start working with her!



Below are a few more pictures of Cami cleaned up from her previous owner. Cami is a sweet heart. She has won multiple AMHA Regional Top 5’s & 10’s and an AMHA Reserve World Championship. But more importantly she has a very sweet personality.

I still cannot believe how addictive these minis are! We purchased our first two minis, Bozley & Fancy from Maine Pride Miniatures. We soon realized with their quite disposition and small size they were perfect for volunteering with disabled children. We have found volunteering extremely rewarding and a lot of fun. But Makayla was also itching to get in the show ring as she does have a very competitive side to her.

Last year Makayla was offered an amazing opportunity to work with and show horses for Victory Pass Stables in the youth classes. When my husband asked: “How much is this going to cost me?” I said “Nothing, Honey. We just need to get her something to wear”. Oops!

Now fast forward one year later to the exact month! We have three more wonderful minis! Rhett, a silver bay pinto colt we purchased last August from Owsley Fork Farm. Our beloved Belle, a black & white pinto mare we just recently purchased from Victory Pass Stable. And Cami, a silver bay mare we also purchased recently from JHL Miniatures. Oh, and Cami arrived in our new little (used) horse trailer to boot!

Of course you cannot just get the minis. Then there was the harnesses, bitting harness, cart, round pen, SUV, trailer, more clothes, show halters, supplies, adding on the to the barn, more turnouts etc, etc, etc!

So maybe I was just a little mistaken when I told my husband it wouldn’t cost anything.

But this has been the most fun we have ever had! Makayla and I keep saying what would we do if we didn’t have these minis!!! It has definitely been a great experience and something special we get to share together. We are creating wonderful memories that will last a life time!

But now I am done, no more, I mean it this time!!!! DONE!!!

Sue (Makayla’s mom)



I'm so excited for you guys and the thought of Cami having such a wonderful home means so much to me!

Selling my minis has been so hard, but I couldn't ask for better homes than the ones they have now!!!
Yeah, I mistakenly told my husband that the biggest cost of minis was the horse! Hahaha! Yeah right! Show halters, carts, and supplies later, we got a nice show herd.
I did start out with two three years ago. Now I have 9!
Oh and Susan... Thank you again for not making me back the trailer up your driveway! LOL
Good luck you look like a great team..

You are welcome! I am still standing here scratching my head trying to figure out how to hook it up to my truck. I have never pulled a trailer before. I figure the first trip will be to pick up hay just to be on the safe side. I would much rather loose a few bales then a few horses. I just pray that I don't have to back up! Yikes!

I turned all three mares out together today for the first time. Fancy, Belle & Cami got along perfectly! Phew! As soon as Rhett gets gelded next week and has gone through his little waiting period I will be turning him and Bozley out with them. Then it will be one very happy mini family! I still look out at them with a huge grin on my face. I feel so blessed!

Congrats on your new horse Makayla!! She looks great! Hope you and her have fun and do a lot of winning this show season!!!!

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