My new Colt!!!!

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Sep 11, 2007
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Milton, New Hampshire




I bought my first mini in January of this year as a companion to my amazing "big horse" Beauty, that I bougth from Shelly on this board. As all of you say, "you can't have just one mini", I have gotten the epidemic! Yes, they are truly like potato chips!! Shelly and I started going to the local shows near us and met the mini people in our area. "Shelly" was already hooked, by the way!! I have previously shown Morgans and German Shepherd Dogs and I LOVE the show ring, I decided I couldn't stand to go and WATCH the local shows any more, but next year I had to have a mini to show in them!!! I love the liberty class which I'd never seen before and the trail class and the performance classes! "Thats my thing"!!!! I fell absolutely head over heels in love with a colt from "Tiz a mini" in my state of New Hampshire! The minute I saw him I just knew he was the one!!!! It happened to be on my Wedding Anniversary that my hubby and I were out looking at horses, he took one look at my face and said, "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HONEY"!!!!!!! I have been on cloud nine!!! We picked him up on Thursday!! He is totally a people loving horse!! I wish I could bring him in my bed at night as he is totally that kind of boy! I've included a couple of pictures of him, but mind you, it has done nothing but rain here since we got him home. He doen't even have a name yet and is just under 4 months old!
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Big Congrats-what a great gift!! You have got a keeper of a husband...

He looks so cute...
Oh how WONDERFUL!!!! Enjoy your winter with your new baby!
Congrate's! What a cutie! That's a great Anniversary present!! What a great hubby!!!
Thank you all so much! Yes, he is a grulla pinto and the sweetest, most people loving animal you will ever meet! He has a bit of a belly, has been wormed every month, and every day that it doesn't rain, we will go for walks and get some exercise! He is a doll and I love him to pieces!!!!! I couldn't be happier with my new little boy!!!!


PS, oh yes, the hubby is a keeper!!!!!!!!
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You Know I am in love!
Congratulations on your Super CUTE new guy. He is just adorable!! What a Sweetheart your husband is as well. Happy Anniversary!!
What a guy !! (horse)

What a guy !! (Hubby)
Congratulations Joyce! I am so happy for you! I cannot wait to see him. I hope you plan to bring him to NBARH & MMHC next year along with Shelly and her horses. We will all have a lot of fun together!


There is NO greater gift than a new horse! Congratulations - he is a cutie!
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Ahhh, how cute! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!
HAHAHAHA I absolutely know "the face"! In fact my whole family knows it... as in ohhhh crap... Mama's got the face! Meaning love at first sight!!!!

Congrats on having a new baby and a husband who knows just what to get for you!

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