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Nov 3, 2006
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Okanagan, British Columbia
Rhino is my pride and joy, I got him when he was 2 and he didnt have any training. I have taught him inhand, and how to drive. We had been having lots of troubles in driving recently, not placing in classes and I was becoming frustrated as I didnt know what to do to fix the problems.

I was then offered by a friend to join her on a trip to Deb Harpers for some lessons last week, and WOW, was she amazing and such a big help. Seeing the difference was amazing and I now have tools to put in place for driving. He will never be a world champion, but I am happy with how hes coming along, but we still have lots of work to do. I am really looking forward to the shows we have coming up now

Please excuse the writing all over 2 of the pictures, Deb was showing me the difference in when I first got there and when I left. Looking at the first photos makes me cring. (and the links as I can never get photos of the right size onto the forum :DOH!

First day

Last drive

And one that I just love. Now if he would do this all the time I would be one happy momma!!

and one of my special boy!! I just love him
What an improvement! I'm sure he will enjoy it more too when he is using himself better. The notes on the pictures are great, a way for us all (excepting the old pros of course ;) ) to get a better idea of what we are really looking at. Thanks for sharing those.
Great job! Looks like you two are doing really well together
I love the comments on the photos, very educational.
Wow--the difference is wonderful! You're a good student.
What a beautiful boy--love his head!!

Thanks for sharing your photos--esp the ones with the words.
That's great Paige, I'm so glad you went!
I told you Deb would be fun.

It takes a long time for the horse to make permanent changes but you as a driver clearly fixed some problems and the difference is obvious. Good for you! Keep up that elegant posture and remember to not only lift your chin but your eyes so that you're looking where you're going. Do you see how in that "face plant" picture your energy is doing the exact same thing his is? Both of you are curling up and dumping forward into the ground. You get YOU focused up and forward and balanced over your center and he'll echo you.

You ought to be very proud! Of him and you! Hats off to you guys and I hope I can do the same as you soon.

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