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Jul 4, 2004
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Imagine how you would feel if you were outside feeding horses and looked up to see 2 yearlings and a weanling in your back yard with your dogs. Somehow, when my horses were out grazing yesterday, they pushed the fence open in our backyard ( I have a hard time opening the gate myself!). The babies were running around the yard when I saw them, and my husband has a big great dane mixed breed dog. He is bigger than most of my horses, and barks at them through the fence when they go by. I have never liked this dog much......I think he is too rough with my 8 year old child.

Well, by the time I ran to my backyard, he had a hold of my jr stallion by the top of the neck, (basically trying to take a bite out of his neck, with his mouth going over the top of his neck), and was shaking him. The baby fell down by the time I got there........seems like forever........and the dog let go when he saw me. I helped the baby up and out of the yard, along with the other guys, and had to take him to the vet to be sutured up, as he was hosing blood pretty good from one side of his neck. He spent the night at the vet, and was sutured this am. He will be okay, and should have no scars. He didn't loose alot of blood because I was right there, and put a pressure bandage on him. He is back here now, and happy to be alive, I'm sure.

If I had waited to go outside for even 5 more minutes, he would be dead now. And I'm sure the dog wouldn't have stopped there. If he had had time, he probably would have killed all 3 horses.

I have posted in the past that I would most surely kill any dog that attacks horses. I work at a vet hospital, and will be taking him in to be euthanized on Tuesday when I go back to work. I will not own an animal that behaves this way. It happened so fast, and was so scary. We are all still recovering, but thankfully, this dog will be put to sleep before he can hurt another animal.

Lori, that is so frightening!

I can imagine how horrifed you were.

I witnessed a 7/8ths wolf/German Shepherd mix attacking my ten-month pregnant mare about ten years ago, and it was flat-out terrifying. They get right down to business pulling them down, and the horses have very little means of defending themselves.

I am so glad you saved them from tragedy and the dog won't be causing any more trouble. I do know that in itself is not an easy decision, but you know what you have to do for peace of mind and safety of the others in your charge.

Liz M.
wow how awful. I have seen it happen to and it is amazingly quiet they get down to it even in a pack and you really hear very little

I am glad your horse will be ok
What a horrifying thing to witness! As difficult as it must have been, it sounds like you made the best decision for all concerned.

Baby is eating. Wound is draining nicely. Mane is up in a pony tail. Everything will be OK. Thanks for all of your kind words. Yes, it was just amazing how fast it happened. The baby was terrified, and when the shock/fear hit him, he just gave up. So glad I was there.

Funny, I was in the house watching tv before I went outside...........enjoying the cool air conditioned air, when I heard a little voice in my head tell me to go outside and put the horses up. I was planning on waiting another half hour, but I got up and went outside. Five minutes later, I saw them in the backyard. I am a religious person, and I believe the voice was God telling me to go outside. I thank him over and over for telling me to go outside and save the babies!

Lori scarey that was for you to see! I'm so glad your jr stallion will be ok!

You are doing the right thing by having the dog put down. Once they get the taste for blood like that, they will do it again.

Take care and God Bless...
Luckily you were there at the right time.

Hope the healing is quick.

Oh my, how frightening that had to be both for you and the little guy.

My German Shepard barks at and likes to chase the horses from the "other" side of the fence. I once saw him try to bite Bambi on the hock. Wasn't sure at the time whether it was part of "playing" or not (at that time the 3 of us would run and play together). Fortunately he stopped when I yelled at him. We never played that game again and now he is never where he can get to the horses.
I am sorry that this happened, you must have been terririfed. I am sorry that the dog must die, but, you are doing the correct thing. He won't stop given the chance. I am sure that you will keep your child away from him till tuesday. I hope all you minis make a quick recovery, and you too.
You poor thing, I think God must have been watching over you today!! As I have said before, hard though it is for some to understand, no animal was ever hurt by being killed , so long as it is humanely done..He is going in with you, who he knows, it means no more to him than being anaesthetised for an op- except he will wake up in a place where he can chase and run all day, and no-one will get cross with him. If your child had been between him and his "prey" or if, like Cindy's brave son, he had intervened, it could have been him in the hospital- and you might not have got the dog off quite so quickly- hate to scaremonger but just want to let you know I think you are absolutely doing the right and responsible thing.
Thank God it wasn't the child! I don't know what it was mixed with but I raised and showed Great Danes for over 11 yrs and they would ALWAYS protect a child or young dog...bad mix, good you're outting it to sleep!
I am sorry that the dog has to be euthanized, I know it is never an easy decision but I agree that you are making the right one, especially if you've felt the dog wasn't perfectly behaved with your child. Sorry you have to go through this and I am also glad that your baby is okay.
First let me say that I am so very sorry that your horse and You had to be put through an ordeal such as this. I am a great believer that a Higher Power guided you to the door to stop what was happening.

It's no secret that I am a dog lover just every bit as much as horse lover. The truth of the matter in my humble opinion, is that most any dog of any breed or any combination of breeds, left to their own devices will do this. Wether it's out of territorial instinct, that I think was your case, since the horses somehow got in "their yard" or wether it is because it's a dog's instict to "chase" I believe it's just their nature, some of course, more than others.

I feel that in my case as well, if my dogs were left to their own devices, I'd have problems too. I do have to keep an eye on them all the time and it's a huge responsibilty and all my family members have to take part in it. And yes it does get exhausting sometimes "where's the dogs?" "who's got the dogs?" "put them in the house...."

Again I am very sorry that this has happened and consequently has probably upset your household as well and I understand that you are doing what you feel you must. Hugs.
I'm so sorry you are going thru this ordeal...but glad that you were able to intervene in time to save your jr. stallion.

You said that this was your husband's dog....I hope he understands the gravity of the situation & is in agreement with your decision.
How terrifying for you and thank God he let you know you were needed. Our puppy Kolby went to chase my stallion as I was leading him out, I warned him (dog) to quit but he kept up, wasn't 3 secs late I heard a yelp. Now Kolby sits outside the barn or paddock if I go in. He thankfully learned the horses hurt. Hope your baby heals and your heart does in time.
Dona said:
I'm so sorry you are going thru this ordeal...but glad that you were able to intervene in time to save your jr. stallion.
You said that this was your husband's dog....I hope he understands the gravity of the situation & is in agreement with your decision.


Yes, my husband is very sad, but he agrees this is what we have to do. He found him as a puppy, and he grew to be quite large. He is also upset that the horses got into the yard when the gate was closed. He understands what needs to be done, but he isn't very happy about it. He loves our child, and would never forgive himself if his dog hurt her in any way.

The little guy came home today from the vet and ate right away, so I am feeling much better about his recovery tonight.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and understanding. I would also like to say that this started out with the dog barking at the horses through the fence, and the horses teased him by coming closer, etc. Of course, I'm sure they never understood what would happen if the dog ever got too near one of them. We also have a hot wire around the perimeter of the fence, and the dogs are afraid to go too near it. But when the horses jumped into the dog's territory, the one dog went nuts to get them.
I am so sorry, this is surely extremely difficult for all of you, but of course for the best. I'm glad that your colt is going to be ok!
I know how terrified you were, as I experienced something similar last week. My miniatures were used to being around dogs, so I am sure my little one walked right up to the neighbor's dog before it attacked her. Minis are just so trusting and sweet.

I am so relieved that your little guy is OK. I am also relieved that this did not happen to your child. I am also a dog lover, but you just can't keep a dog that you can't trust, IMO. I know it is going to be hard on you tomorrow, and I am saying little prayers for you and your family. I do agree with your decision. You know what you need to do, but it does not make it any easier for you or your family.

Hang in there!

So glad your colt is going to be ok....I hope your son and husband is not to upset about the dog...

I am with Marty...I am a dog lover before horse lover (sorry)..any dog is capable of doing this, it is embedded in their instincts. I had my dogs way before my horses and I worked very hard to teach them the horses are not sticks that they can go "fetch"...same with the chickens, goat, and cat...not saying that it is fool proof and they would never do anything, no one can be sure of that. But they used to bark at them and chase them along side the fence...with the help of a shock collar, they now go in the pasture w/the horses (even w/o the shock collar). They are more concerned about eating pooh now than anything. I have left them in the pasture while I am inside the house watching from the window for hours...all my dogs do now is search for pooh and play in the horses water trough, and with the chickens same thing...the dogs look for left over chicken feed on the ground and won't get too close to the chickens...the dogs will be laying down and the chickens (2 months old) will come up to the dogs and the dogs will run I said this is not a gaurantee something will never happen, but it eases my mind alittle.

I'll be praying your colt heals quickly....maybe you can find a nice puppy that you can raise up w/the horses that can be your husbands and sons.

[Anyone having problems w/their dogs chasing your horses...I highly recomend a shock only have to shock them a couple times (the dogs will hear a beep when they get shocked)...then you just give them the beep alone and they know if they don't behave what comes is not cruel and is highly effective.]

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