More Changes in filly 's color!

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"Red base animals often have random ticking through their coats, and also she could have Sabino ticking, I would honestly expect Roan to have shown up, properly, by now, if she were."

I was thinking so also...The white hairs are evenly spread throughout her coat, everywhere. If it were sabino, wouldnt it be localized to areas? Or no? This isnt patchy or random, although oddly its even on her head, which roans have darker heads,where hers is also evenly spread on her head. I think the white hairs are giving her a bit lighter appearance in the pics, but in person they are very easy to see.I do have a pic of them on her nose from under the halter before she was clipped, though I am not sure if that will help determine anything.

Heres one from her side when her hair was longer and I was trimming of excess, Its not great either but you can see the white hairs a bit...


And you can sort of see them in this pic after she was clipped...


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