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Jan 1, 2008
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I think my little Cassie is part Chameleon.
She is making serious color changes. Not sure if she is going to go sorrel or not at this point. I cant wait to see as she continues to grow.

When Cassie was born she looks plain sorrel, Dad is a solid black, one white spot on his back hoof. His sire is Tobi, His dam a blue roan....( we think)

Cassies Dam is a bay roan, with 4 socks. No blaze.

I honestly expected a black or bay foal, with or with out roan. Yes possible chestnut, but still less of a chance.

She was born at day 314. Didnt see roan. Bright sorrel filly. I was told that true roan is evident at birth. Not hers....

So fast forward a month and I am seeing roaning in her new growth of her coat. mane and tail have started to turn black. I posted, and still believed she may be just turning a darker chestnut.

One thing that was strange to me was as her hair shed off around her eyes the new hair was very dark. with some white mixed in, the rest of her head was sorrel.

Well fast forward again and we clipped her. She is roaned all over her body. Including her face.And her mane and tail are black with some red and white hair in it. And after clipping she has a distinct counter shading line down her back. its also black. Body is still that golden sorrel. More of an apricot color.

I dont know what to think. I dont think its dun as she has no primitive markings. No leg barring. However her rump has a very dark cast of hairs mixed in with the sorrel.

Any way I am going to post pics. I would like to know what yall think.



Dark hair around eyes:


And after clipping...Sorry not good pics will get better if needed, but this is about the correct color


Eyes still darker rest of face lighter...:


And her stripe: you can barely see the darker hairs on her rump and cant really see the roaning throughout...

The only other possible, or in my honest thoughts not really, would be that she foaled at day 275 ish from this stallion:


I just dont know how it would be possible that this is the sire of this foal. He was in the pasture, but No way she could of foaled at 8 months?
Wow, the color change is nothing I've ever seen. I know nothing about roan, but boy that does appear to be a dorsal stripe down her back. Counter shading is never that fine of a stripe. Maybe if the lower legs were clipped you could see some leg bars? It does look like shading on her shoulder? I dont think its possible for a mare to foal at 8 mos and the baby looks like that? Maybe your mare is a zebra dun instead of a normal bay? does she have a dorsal stripe? There is no way she was near the dun stallion for breeding earlier than you thought? He is gorgeous by the way.

My vote would be she is a dun, possibly a zebra dun.

She looks like she is shedding out bay,like my sorrel colt did,except yours is a dun...thats some seriois color change!!!
Silver Bay Dun...

Looks like the other stallion is her sire as far a coloring goes...

I agree....DNA testing is a must. If only to be able to come back and tell US the results

She's a lovely girl...can't wait to see more pics of her in the future!
Ok yall really have me! Lol, the dun stallion was only here for a few weeks in late March or April. He was from a mare I used to own years ago. They have since sold him, I have no idea where he is. Cassie was born November 12th. Her dam was hand bred in January to the black stallion, and 314 days later Cassie was born.

So whats with the dark area around Cassies eyes? And why are yall saying silver? One parent would have to have silver to throw silver? I dont see silver in any of the sires or the dam?

I am going to go out and get more pictures....

This is her Dam... Bay roan...I guess..


This is the black stallion I believe her sire to be...

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The hair around the eyes and nose is the first the change, her dark circles should be the colour her head will become, clipping her head has just cut short the rest of her baby coat which is why she is wearing goggles
Shortly her whole head will go the same colour as the hair around her eyes.

This colt wearing a delightful pair of ski goggles
turned white at 8 months

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If she was bred in Jan,she would have been due in Dec. Having foaled in Nov. she would have only been a month early and that isnt that uncommon.

Just out of curious, why did you shave her mane off?
Ok so in true to roan fashion, her head should become darker than her body...well in summer coat
Like her mom, She has the roaning like her Mom I believe, she has a lot of white hairs spread through her coat. She also has some dark areas where it looks as if it could be the corn marks roans get after injured.

Eagle... Very cute foal!!


Ashley, I agree the Jan to November seems right its the late March / April I cant imagine, thats why even though she very closely resembles the dun stallion, I cant imagine it being her sire. As for the mane shave we find it easier to roach the mane when we clip the foals for the first time. We will let it grow out now.

I did get a picture of a possible stripe on moms back, with the roan its difficult to see, possibly just counter shading?


I am not sure what Cassies legs are doing just yet...heres a pic of a small shaved spot on her leg.


And another body shot in the sun

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Wow, I actually disagree with everyone else and think you have a chestnut there. The goggles are due to the hair being shorter than the hair you clipped. I bet that's what is causing the '"dorsal" too. She is going to shed out to be a nice dark chestnut-what you are seeing after clipping is still baby fuzz. The hair around her eyes, muzzle, and on her back are the true color. So I still stay chestnut
she is a cute one!
She is a Red Dun.

I would test her for Dun, if you are that interested, but I do not think there is any doubt. My Black Dun Roan is almost impossible to find the dorsal on, and I think the Bay Roan is a Dun too, that is where it has come form.

Of course she could also be a light coloured Bay Dun, but judging by the foal photos, I would say not.
Rabbit, your the second person that said it comes from her Mom, which makes the most sense to me.
Also, you didnt say if you think she is roan or not, I know its very hard to see in pictures, but I really think so.
As I stated on page one I think she is red dun, but I didn't give reasons, she has dark red around her eyes, even after being clipped. Sometimes when first clipped red dun will appear pale then brighten up after two to three weeks. She may also have leg barring, as you haven't clipped her legs yet. The barring usually shows up just above the knee at first. She may well still develope the bar over the withers. I would like to see a new picture of her after three weeks. I really don't see roan.
Cool, I will get pictures again in 3 weeks. The white hairs mixed throughout her coat may be more visible on camera by then.
Red Duns often do not show leg barring, she would still be a Dun, though. I do not think she is Roan, but will watch with interest. Red base animals often have random ticking through their coats, and also she could have Sabino ticking, I would honestly expect Roan to have shown up, properly, by now, if she were.

I have to say, although I appreciate you did not ask and it is only my opinion, but I would never, ever clip off a foals mane. It grows back like a bog brush, and they need it for protecting the neck anyway and....oh, I'm sorry, I really am but it just looks awful
I'm going to agree with those saying red dun

I don't see any silver either.

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