MMHC Winona Show Pics

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I can't believe that she could have all those pictures up already. Oh, I can't wait to see Pucks driving pictures. This dumb dial up. I am going to run to town and use a friends high speed hook up or I'll be here all day. Thanks Jodie. It will be like going to the show all over. Oh you lucky people with high speed.

I am also so anxious to see the pictures of a Buckskin Stallion that Russ had there. Beautiful horse. And Marlees Stallion and Ramona's stallion and Pucks kids and Sandy's overo mare and sooooooooooooooo many others. And then there was a Fox filly out of Hope. Oh Boy.
Thanks to Jodie for all the hard work she does in getting us these beautiful pictures of our horses! Don't want to forget Charlene too....she is AWESOME!

Lavern, it was so good to finally meet you in person and Mary Ann.....

It is alot of fun looking through the show pics.....lots and lots of gorgeous horses!
Hey Russ, Can you email me. I would like to know more about your stallion. Thanks, Renee
Great job Jodie
and Charlene too!
Thanks for posting the pictures - what fun to see all those gorgeous horses again!!