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Little Hooves

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Oct 3, 2009
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Moses Lake, WA
I've been thinking about making some t-shirts for YEARS and finally I took this weekend to get around to completing a few. I wanted to get everyone's opinion on them, so what does everyone think? Which do you like most?

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nice i like the last one
I like them all, but... if I had to chose just one, it'd be the first one; my second pick would be the last one.
I would like to mix the first one and the middle one by keeping the horse from the middle one to replace the horse head in a heart. So cute!
I like them all too! I think my first pick would be the first one for myself; I like the sweet horse head and the delicate little flowers. The last makes a bit brighter bolder statement of the first and is nice. The middle one is FUN! Great work-keep it up!
I think the first and third one are cute, but I'd love to get the middle one in a fitted style on a black background.
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