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Apr 26, 2008
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Just got my first mini and she is registered with the WORLD CLASS MINIATURE HORSE REGISTRY, INC.

Does anyone on the forum have a mini registered with this organization? I noticed most owners have their minis registered with AMHR or AMHA. Thanks, Linda
Don't know much about this registry. I think back east they have shows, but someone else closer to there would have to answer that. Just becuase you mini isn't registered with the AMHR/AMHA, you can still show open shows at fairs and such and have fun!
Here is their website

We always had good dealings with them when we had horses and lived in Virginia. We also enoyed their yearly championship show. They are very family oriented and the people I met through the registry were great people.
The "WCMHR" is not one of the "main" registries (AMHA and AMHR are). The majority of Miniature Horse breeders would consider WCMHR just as equal as an unregistered horse.

I paid them to register a stallion I had, just to register him in everything I could, and they took my money and never registered him. I e-mailed a few times and they said "oh yeah, we are behind..." but that was a couple YEARS ago and never heard anything back. So therefore I personally consider them unprofessional and basically worthless. I paid $15 for nothing at all.

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I once again everytime someone ask about WCMHR there will be a mass of posts saying how bad it is. Even thou most people I have talked to about it say it good. I have horses registered with them, all my 2007 foals are sold with appications to WC and most people have told me they either have or plan to send them in. One person already got the papers back!

I have nothing but good dealings with WCMHR and have been more then happy with everything dealing with them. I had WCMHR reister horses long before I had AMHR registered horses.

We have all seen and read over and over again how so and so did not get their paperwork back ,how is was a waste of $15 ect. Or how it takes so long ect. Did you pay for your membership fee???

I have WASTED much more then that on AMHR paperwork that is now worthless( guess I should just burn them) and they still own me money for work I OVER paid for. Like changing the color on paperwork the

colors not changed but they took the fees.

One could say I,m full of sour grapes as far as AMHR is conserned.

I see AMHR as being unprofessional. When the seller lies and the buyer pays for it. When they will not even take the time to find out that they are being lied to. BY a person who has been thrown out other horse registries. Someone who has is well know for lieing and trying to sue people and they are proven to be a lier.

I was thrown out of AMHR for sending in paperwork on a foal out of a PURCHUSED mare, from this person.

I guess because, I said I was sorry for the mistake(even thou it was not my mistake) and asked what I could do correct the problem..... I should be punished. Punished for what?? For beliving the seller?? For saying I are sorry?? Or because they want to cover thier %#@ for what they did to others?? To make an exsample of someone?? WHAT???

When the honest person who says they are sorry and has long before the hearing date was even set, sent the paperwork back, they should be thrown out ?? The papers were sent back the foal was sold as grade ,it was not shown. I did not have letters sent in my defence as to this day I have not been told what I did. How can one defend themselfs when they do not even know what it is they are being said to have done? Other then send in paperwork to register a foal out of purchased mare. I was told the hearing date, 1000s of miles away..I could not go because of work and family. I guess if your not there your punished?? AMHR got the fees for the back stallon report and the paperwork on foal..Looks like they took my money for nothing..took my good name for nothing.

When another person is subsended for months because they were said to do something wrong even when they have tons of witness that say it never happened people who were there. But AMHR can't just say "Sorry" they have to punish them for what being acussed??

Or someone discovered that they made a mistake on paperwork on a horse being shown and reports the mistake themselfs and asks how to correct it and are thrown out. For what?? Winning?? For not being able to tell one soild sorrel for another?? Both horse were AMHR registered, how hard is it to change the name on your records?? I can see a fine for the extra work, but throwing soemone out because they made an honest mistake.. Gee. all I can say is if you ever find out you made a mistake on anything as far as AMHR paperwrok better keep it to yourself.

When the horses owned by the people thrown out are then called worth less and grade even thou they are out of champions or champions them selfs, with long lineage. That is an unprofessional and worthless regitrey in my mind.

When the members of regirty can not even make HONEST MISTAKES that is wrong.. or should I say members who are not one of the BIG BOYS can not make a mistake. The big boys can out and out lie and get away with it..

AMHR is WRONG in thier dealings to me and others. They should be a shamed..
I have a little stallion that is registered with them, I didn't have a problem with them at all. The reason I registered him with them is because who ever owned the sire and dam had the sire in one registry and the dam in another so he could not be registered with the AMHR and AMHA unless I hardshipped him.
Every registry will have happy and disgruntled people....that is just the way it goes <G> What is more important is what you want that horse for.

Around here (Ontario, Canada) horses that are not AMHR or AMHA have little re-sale value. They can be shown at many fairs and schooling shows, so that is great for these little guys and their owners and I am glad there is a way to register them, but most people consider these horses only a tiny step above unregistered. So, before you breed for sale, make sure of the market in your area. Horses that have little financial value often get mistreated or go to homes where the people are not well versed in horse requirements and care, they just want a cheap pet to go with their hamsters and rabbits.

Please don't flame...I know there are many great homes for unregisterd Minis but I have seen too many of the World Class horses sold at auction and have seen how they are transported and treated, in public, by their new owners to not mention it here.

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