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Steph G

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Jun 10, 2005
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I was just curious to know how the meridian show went. I think the A part is still going on today, but the R is over.



Did everything run smoothly? Large turn-out?
We went and they did a very good Job of getting a nice show together.. Dixie is very nice and I enjoyed everyone there.. It was a light turnout but being a new show that is understandable.. Nice facility.. Not sure who everyone was as I do not some of the folks from Ms.. I know that ABC Miniatures was there, along with Lancasters from Florida, the Bookers , Tim Pierson , and more that I did not know by name
the show was a great one. small but good.

Dixi done a great job as all ways . don't forget she has 2 more show coming up one in tn and one in NC. the NC will be a great one as all ways.

the Tn show is April the 25 Thu the 27

the NC show is in July those dates are 4-6
Dixi does wonderful shows, last year in TN...we had a great time. Everyone was sooo friendly and it ran so smoothly. I could not have asked for a better show!! Congrats on the good job in MS!!! I heard it was a nice show!!!

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