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Nov 30, 2002
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Oklahoma City, OK
Frank and I had a wonderful treat at the Central Show. Bill and Wanalynn came to watch Fancy show. They were there the whole time and we had so much FUN!

You won't find 2 nicer people anywhere.


This is Wanalynn, me and Frank with his back to the camera doing what we did the whole show........gabbing


this is a happy/sad pic for me. Wanalynn taking Fancy for a walk.........just like one day she (Fancy) will walk out of my life.........but such a good home she is going to that I won't be sad long.

If you notice, there is just one thing wrong with these pictures.....Bill isn't in them! One of us should have snatched the camera away from him and taken a pic of him! He took lots of really good show shots. Below is one of Fancy in the ring. She did well for her new family....3rd out of ??? 13, 15 ??? in solid color mares and she was WAY the smallest out there at 27 1/4". I thought the judges wouldn't even see her.


Who else has had a chance to meet some Forum friends?

Hi Charlotte,

I got to meet Bill and Wanalynn a few weeks ago. The ARE

the nicest people
They are my Ballerina's new parents.

I have not one worry about her!!

Of course, I got to meet you and Frank last year! That was way cool!!

I've also met several other people! It is always so much fun.

I've only had minis for a couple years, and in that short time, I've

me so many wonderful people!! A lot as a result of this forum. Neat!!

BTW Fancy is Awesome. Congrats on her wins!!

Ah, so that's who that was! I'm happy for you that Fancy has such a good home!
I have been blessed to meet several forum members but no pics. I have met lots of the VA, NC, SC members, but I also got to spend a day and night with Robin (REO) last year on our way to the World, we had such a great time there. We got to meet Chandler recently and what fun he is. We met Kim (DakotaMoon)and Lonnie at the show in AL. Whew, met lots and just can't remember everyone so I am sorry about that. This forum and my friends have been my life support this year, I am truly blessed.

I am looking forward to meeting even more in Tulsa, so if you see a fat, redheaded old lady with a big mouth on a green golf cart, thats me.

OHHHH I have met Jill too, she is soooooo sweet.
I just got to meet Erica and her parents at the Peoria show. That was alot of fun but it was so dang hot!! I have also met--countryhaven, ginia, ginny st pierre, cathyjo, lewella, whitney, getitia, hmmmm i met so many at congress that i cant remember all their names! Its always so fun to finally put a face with people you have typed with here
I guess I have really met quite a few when I add them all up.

I have met you and Frank of course, and Becky. Clara Woodson (Forum name Walter) was of course my first contact. I then met Robin (REO), Mary (MBennett), Karen (minimomNC), Sharman (SBrown), Susan (Spwildrose) and Jackie (BellaAlba). I hope I didn't leave anyone out. It is possible that I may have met others and just not connected them to their Forum name. I know Robin introduced me to some others, but I'm terrible with names. I also know there are some others who lurk on here but don't post that I have met.
How nice!

I was lucky enough to meet Joyce from Lil Folks at the 2004 Equine Affair. What a nice person!
Hey...... I've seen that guy in the white hat. I remember a few years ago at the AMHA Nationals. He was in the ring and his chin chain broke! I ran to a vendor yelled "need a chin chain!" ran and handed it over the rail to him. Luckily he's was first in the row. Who is he?
I have met in person some of the people from this message board and it is actually one of the best parts of going to shows!!!!

I have met Cindy (WhyMinis), Alison (Briarwood), Karen (Minimomnc), Lois (mountain_waif), Sandy (miniequine), Lyn (Lyn_J), Amy (pocketponies), James (andi), Cheryl (4mymirage), Courtney (Mondak), Bev (bevan), and probably many others I think a lot of but I am a couple cups short of my RDA of coffee!!!

I'm looking forward to meeting more forum members at the shows next season. It really, really just adds so much to the fun of the shows and it's great to be able to cheer on friends and be cheered on. Last year at the VMHC show, I had Lou in the ring and she kept whinnying loud (standing good but very talkative) and it was funny and some of the members clapped for us when we got Reserve Grand, and that really meant more to me than the win. It just feels so good to be among friends!

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I met Bill & Wanalynn last year when they camefor CindyLou. Had a blast. So nice and Bill showed me how to post pics.

Sharon and her husband also came last year just for visit while they werelooking for land, she sure has a sweet husband.

I met Karla at the Horseheads show, as well as Margot, Heidi, other's I'm not remembering sorry..oh Vickie. She makes amazing pics and videos!

Vic and I got the phone #s off last week so we missed our chance but I'm sure there will be another time.

I will be meeting another member Monday.
I have met Christine from Littlesteppers & Donna from QtrRaes & Marnie from Sunset Ridge. Fun! All nice people too.
[SIZE=14pt]Thanks Charlotte,[/SIZE]

For posting the pix and all the kind words about Wanalynn and myself! We had a great time at the show with you and Frank and Becky! We met so many wonderful people there! But, as Charlotte will tell you, I like to meet and talk to new people!
We met La Vanda (Thunder) Ron Lesley, Tony (Little America) Clara Woodson, Just to name a few! We've met Debbie Chapman ( Dimimore) JanM, Sandy (Miniequine) Christine (littlesteppers) and the list goes on and on!

Our little Fancy was so sweet and beautiful too! We were so tickled when she place 3rd in solid color! We can't wait to see what she does at the World Show!

This wasn't a Lil Beginnings Forum meet up but I met my husband over the internet...talked for 3 months or so and decided to meet...we have been together ever since and that was 6 years ago
OH I know I will leave someone out so I hate to even list anybody, but I will try my best.........

I see Belinda (Belinda), Terri(minih) and her daugher Chasta(Chazzy), and Bonnie (bonloubri) several times a month, most of the time weekly.

Jan (Birdmom), Johnice (jlh) and Shelly (marantha_minis) are also in the AMHS - Arkansas miniature horse society along with Terri/Chasta/Bonnie so I see them several times a year.

I see Rob (CLC miniatures) and Lisa Davis (???) at Nationals each year and have to visit and email throughtout the year to keep in touch.

Pam and Curt (Horsefeather), Jamie(JMSminiatures), (RNRminis? -sorry name slipped, usually with Jamie) Laura(Laura), Dana (Dreamweaver), Sharron Hinkle (Sharon?), La Vanda and her family (Thunder) are regulars that I see at some NorthWest AR shows.

I have meet Robin and Marianne Eberth (Robin) several times picking up horses or visiting. Got to meet Karen (minimomNC) and her late husband at the 04 Hertitage sale. Stephanie (ThreeCFarm) when she picked up Ozzy. Cindy (ctinsley) when she picked up DAncer/brought down a mare for breeding and at shows. Laura (Lauralee) at some AMHA shows when she had Sport with Belinda and also AMHR nationals both years at Tulsa. Meet Sheryl (Sheryl_IrishHills) when she picked up Penny. Meet Lisa and her husband (Strasslin & Lisa_Strass) last year at Nationals when we were sitting at Belindas table waiting for Redi to do Liberty and having a good time with the Flamingos. Dr. Pam and Patty (Dr. Pam) at Nationals and talked about "my" boy Lance. Alison (Briarwood-minis) talked for a while last year at Nationals. I have meet briefly- Mandy (minihorsehugs), lyn (lynj), Lori (LoriG), Angie (buckon), Renee (LaVern) at AMHR nationals. Meet Becky and her daughter Cammie (Becky) and Ralph (Ralph) when I went to some A shows with Knocker. Meet Christy (CNCminis) when she came down from MT to pick up Prince. (Al_B) and his wife at the Ft. Worth sale. Meet Kay and her son (kaykay) and also (js1arab) and her son and husband at the IMHOA last weekend.

So sorry if I left anyone out - but I am drawing blanks, I am sure I did.
Erica said:
Meet Lisa and her husband (Strasslin & Lisa_Strass) last year at Nationals when we were sitting at Belindas table waiting for Redi to do Liberty and having a good time with the Flamingos.
That was fun. Let's do it again this year!

Since we don't know many people on the forum, we're hoping to meet lots more this year at Nationals!
I got to go to TN and meet MARTY three years ago. She is just as much fun in person as she is here. She has two super sons and Jerry is so nice.

I also have met Lavonne (Timberview) and her hubby Larry. And I just missed Dr. Pam and Patty by a few minutes.
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Well, I'm hoping to meet some of you at the AMHA World Show in about 6 weeks time or so.

I'm hoping some of you will be showing horses there, as I have seen some really lovely ones through different websites on here...sigh...
"If I were a rich man..." (or woman in this case!)

ARGH! I can't beleive I didn't list Appyhollow / Rhapsody Rhodes! I not only met her but bought a horse from her (my beloved Jack) and think she's so nice!!!!
I've been lucky enough to meet bunches of you.....allthough I'd be more than happy to meet more

I've met Robin (REO), Becky a couple of times (Becky, Charlotte and Frank (Charlotte), Rita and Hugh (WeeOkie), Tiffany (RockRiverMiniatures), Ginny St. Pierre (Virginia), Cathy and Lee (Cathy H), Kathy Turner (??), Can't remember her name, ugh, I think it's Janelle, forgive me

I think that's it for now, but I'm probably forgetting someone

I hope to go to Nationals and/or world next year just for a weekend without any horses so hopefully I will meet a whole lot more then!!!

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