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Nov 30, 2002
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[SIZE=14pt]I cant remember which weekend????/ Anyone going?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]Bruce is on his way back from Columbus today ....not sure who he is taking but may take Sweet Tart and Carbon. Sweet got 2nd in a huge model class but then missed his 2 year old class. Stalls were a long way away from the ring and he just didnt make it back.... stuff IF he isnt too exhausted he will be there sat.[/SIZE]

I am not personally going but I am wondering if my little guy will be. I thought the breeder said she had a show this weekend in PA..if thats the only one it has to be it. If she takes mama she of course will have to take my little colt (as he is not weaned). HMMMM it is even a possibility that she would show him I spose.
[SIZE=21pt]We will be at Meadville! [/SIZE]

We were at the Hookstown show with Bruce and he was running his tail off but he did VERY well with the horses he brought. I saw CC there Lyn, and she had a great day there too! Such a pretty mare, love her and Indy both!

Hopefully Bruce will be able to make Meadville so Scott has someone to do Roadster class. DCF Limericky was smokin' in the Roadster, Pleasure classes and stakes at Hookstown.

Our guys did well very well in Halter, Multi-Color and all Driving classes, and it was a very HOT steamy day there but at least it didn't rain like last year! We didn't get home till 12:30 AM Sunday, ugh long day!

See you at Nationals Lyn!
[SIZE=14pt]Pammy I talked to him on the phone while he was driving this afternoon coming from Columbus. He was exhausted and doesnt think he will make it sunday unless he gets another driver. This driving alone is killing him and he has to leave for congress the following week. I doubt he will be there. Thanks for the compliments on my Carbon Copy. I really love that mare. She was bred to Sweet n Sour this week! Anyone want to drive to Oswego and pick up Bruce and some horses?????[/SIZE]

We will be there with Toy and Ernie( pictured in the Avatar) Ernie is only 2 months and is not that well halter broke, he tries to take the lead in his mouth like a puppy. But I figure that since the club I belong to TSMHC, is the one putting on the club that it is only 25 minutes from our housee I had better take a few.

James my main horse has been getting into (what we think )
yellow Jackets. Two days in a row. He is out with the 2 yearlings so I cannot figure out why he is the only one of the bunch to get it. (Today he did not go out).We have him signed up for 7 classes so I am really starting to worry if I will even be able to take him.

The big horse got stung also and he is out by himself at night.

I have been hunting all over the pasture for 2 days trying to find them without luck. I am afraid it would kill the babies if they get stung that bad.

We are also taking a yearling filly. I have 2 young ladies that are going to be showing her in the youth and pee-wee class. So I will be showing her in yearling A mare class.

I will be the frazzled one


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