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Jul 25, 2004
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Norco, CA

Don't know if you can see it yet, but I've lost FORTY Pounds! (yep, 40!)



This is Dyami - a son of Eagle and brother of Rooster - the two guys you see playing with Saber in all the cool pictures!

Rachel & John really did me more of a favor than I think they'll ever know when they allowed us to be Dyami's forever home... I had more fear in me after being bitten so badly twice by our rescued Anatolian than I really knew. (you may be able to see the scars on my right forefinger in this photo, it was nearly bitten OFF.) Having Dyami has made me aware of how fearful I'd become, and he's helped me move past those fears because of how wonderful he is.

This is a great help because we are also raising our Anatolian puppy Midilli, and she benefits from having me be much less tentative, as well as having an awesome "Uncle Yams" to play and wrestle with!

I just can't thank them enough for breeding, raising and training such a wonderfully stable dog - he's everything we'd hoped he'd be and more.
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I just love the happiness and trust that's so evident in this pic. Johnny did a great job capturing it!


now that is just downright priceless, perfect for framing!!

congrats on your weight loss! are you following a special diet or more exercise?
Awww, thats such a great story. Glad you are gaining your confidence back
Talk about SPECIAL! That made me smile all over!
Don't know what's more impressive, the dog or that you lost 40 kbs! Gee would I love that! And what a sweet face on that boy! We used to raise and show Danes, (Brindles) and love them, you lucky thing

Love the picture, so sweet. And that is a beautiful dog!

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