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Bob, I'm feeling bad you got no replies here. Maybe most people are doing what I did and not realizing you mean the show in Washington? I didn't even look until I saw who had posted it because I assumed it was somewhere back east.

I am not going, though I know Syndi is on her way. Tell everyone I said "hi." I am on a very strict budget this year, I can afford to do some very specific shows only. Oregon Gold was a HUGE splurge for me! It will take me months to recover from that. :DOH! Wish the gas prices were better, or I would win the lottery. LOL! Guess that is not gonna happen, because as they say, ya gotta play to win!

I will be at Pacific Crown though, ready to have some fun. :D
O well we had amost 71 horses there had lots of ponys there maybe more people can com next year I think janet is talking about moving it to walla walla washington It was great to be judged my rob and rodger we all had a great time.

P.S. Tom shipley and Mark came with two new ponys It was nice to see all the ponys

It was a very nice show! The weather was good (except for the BBQ held Sat evening after classes, cold and windy) and we had a good turn out. It was nice to see a few new people that joined us like Bill from Shalamara Miniatures who drove all the way from Central Oregon. The judges were great and the Supreme Awards were to die for.... I even took 2 of them home for my clients, Sundance LB. Bob from Classic Carr miniatures had a great show as did most of my clients. Always nice to see Annette (HHP) and Syndi (Triple Heart Training) makes for good friends and good competition. Now getting ready to head to Utah althought not looking forward to that drive. Janet offered a nice show and hopefully everyone will mark their calendars for comming to this show next year!

Forgot to add..... We also had the best announcer in the world, Mark Bullington and Sharon as our steward, would not be a show without them!
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This was a great little show. I had a wonderful time. we will be looking foward to this show next year and if moved to Walla Walla even better. The Judges were great and gave a lot of info to those who wanted help. Thanks Janet!

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