Martys new foal... Made me have to say

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Lisa-Ruff N Tuff Minis

Ok I realize this may "sound" snotty in type but please know that is NOT my intent.

Martys foal just happened to be a perfect example that not all horses follow the same pattern

I hear often - my mares ALWAYS get bags, my mares ALWAYS show signs, my horses NEVER had a reaction

My maidens NEVER foal without a bag or dropping

While this may be true for many I have always said dont expect or wait for signs with horses it is usually best to go with our guts we know them best.

I have had maidens and experienced brood mares go with NO bag and no changes.

We have to remember that while there are lots of us here this is really a small portion of the mini breeding population and that truly a maiden mare foaling with no signs or very little signs isnt that uncommon.

So for next year please just remember dont expect them to make it easy for you

Also maybe the same for reactions to vaccines and other things while it may not have happened ever to you before please remember that itis quite possible that just like a mare foaling with little or no can happen not to bring up the vaccine issue as that is secondary but to remember that while we can be lucky that in 5-10-20 years it hasnt happened to us that doesnt and shouldnt take away from someone elses experience or make it less real.

Anyway all that aside Marty CONGRATS again so glad you kept on watching her and were there to see fetus born
I know what you are saying, sistah!!!!

You can tell some people til you're blue in the face but some just have to experience it for themselves before they believe it.

My husband's favorite phrase "Everyone in the horse business thinks they are an expert"
Well, I'm one of those that had begun to worry if Holly was pregnant. I didn't feel encouraged at all until her last pictures. I've very happy that I was wrong!
I'm watching a maiden mare right now, at 353 days. She has no bag, what so ever. At this point, it doesn't look like she will foal with a bag. Generally, my mares do bag up before foaling. I have had several exceptions.
JUST in case my post was misinterpreted. It was NOT directed at Marty!

It was referring to the folks Lisa mentioned in her post.

You made an excellent point. I've said this on here before.....and I'll say it again --

Every mare is different in her pregnancy. Every birth is different, even from year to year with the same mare! That's why, for me, a maiden mare is even MORE nerve- wracking to watch!

I am so darned relieved that everything went well for Marty! She was on the ball with her "mare stare" and Jerry was on the ball with stepping in and assisting the little guy out. (It isn't unusual for a maiden mare to have a little harder time and need a little bit of help.)

and again please remember this wasnt meant as a "dig" at anyone at all hey we have all been there thinking we were sure of something and we were way wrong
happens to all of us but was more of a reminder that the one thing you can always count on and the only thing you can ALWAYS count on with horses ... is they will always do things to throw a wrench into things just when you think you finally got it all figured out
Lisa, I agree with you!! To say something is "always" one way or another is a mistake when you are working with livestock or people(LOL). The day I stop learning is the day they fasten the top down. IMOA Doesn't matter wheather you are working with cows,horses,dogs cats(or people) its better never to say" It never happens" or it can't happen. Then it will sure enough

In general, most of my mares to a greater degree follow the typical signs of impending birth, but...I always say, the mares didn't read the book.

I had one mare that I was watching closely as I do all my mares after 300 days. She was 310 days, I had a show scheduled that was only 2 1/2 hrs away. I was prepared to back out but I looked at her on Friday morning before we left and kicked her out in pasture for the weekend.

My husband was home just in case but I really felt there was no way in heck she was going to foal or I never would have left.

My husband called me Sunday morning and said, guess what got into the pasture last night. Sure enough, he got up Sunday morning and there was a nice little buckskin filly running around the pasture with all her new mommys.

No bag, no milk, no saggy butt, nothing! So glad everything went OK, I never would have forgave myself.

So Lisa, thanks for the reminder, every mare is different and sometimes the same mare is different from year to year.
That's a good point Leese.

I have foaled out three of my own quarter horses and helped with other friend's big horses many years ago.

But this was all just different for me.

Nothing with Holly's prelude to the foaling was what I had in mind or expected. This is what caused me constant worry. Little to no bag, general appearence, etc. And now I will admit to you all that I don't think I ever saw that baby move. There was some twitching, but that could have easily been flies.

You could not even begin to imagine how upset and desperate I had become when it was mentioned that Holly even being in foal was questionable. That was less than two weeks ago.

But I do remember the beginning of my response to that thread was "I know my mare" and luckily I do and I do by best to pay attention.

There were no warning signs yestarday whatsoever. Same old day. We ate, rolled in the mud as usual, ate, and rolled in the mud some more. No milk to speak of, no waxing, no nothing. The baby never shifted from the V to the back. I put off her bath till morning because the mud was helping her with the flies. I put off stripping her stall because I wanted to wait for morning to add fresh bedding after her bath.

But it just all went down so fast. One minute I was on the forum, and then I looked up at my moniter and saw her lay down flat, and that was not like Holly. She does not lay down flat. Next thing I knew I was waking up Jerry telling him I think, I know we have to go out there right now, I told him it was time, and the rest is history.

Moral of the story is never say never and we can't put all horses in a lump together and say this is how it's going to be.

All horses are different. What works with one doesn't work with another just like in training a horse. I am really glad that I come from a long line of Scouts: BE PREPARED.

But still, if it were not for the forum, and the good people here that have guided me for the past several years, I would not be the happy person I am today. It's YOU I thank, every one of you.

And of course I thank HIM. I knew in my heart of hearts that God was going to allow me this miracle. I owe it all to Him. You see, God has given me Frequent Flyer Miles for my prayers. He must have decided that I was finally worthy or maybe He just got tired of my whinning. Probably the latter.....
To those of u with due mares that u are not even sure they are pregnant--I HEAR YA!!! I have several mares right now and I am just not sure they are even pregnant. Some were vet checked in foal with due dates that are now past. Yet they are just big enough to maybe have a foal in there. I have had foaling monitors on some for 2 months now!!! And it would not surprise me to look out there at any time and find one foaling. Think Im gonna have to break down and have the vet out again. U just cant always tell by looking at a mare!!!!

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