Marty how is Timmy today

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Thanks for asking. I just posted this in another update.

It never ceases to amaze me how Jerry and two non-horsey kids here can ralley when you need them to and surround Timmy with so much care. I just wish they'd come right out and admit that they adore this little guy because it really does show in their actions, not in their words.

Holly is not one to be locked up and confined like she was and oh brother, we had to listen to her banging on the door raising cain all night long. She is sooooooo ticked off.

All is well we think. Jerry got me up at 6:00 am (oh that man!) and told me to come out and look at Timmy. Timmy is so much better today. We just opened up the door so Holly and he could come out into the paddock a little bit to observe. You have to look really closely to see there there is just a very slight trace of a limp left. It is there, but thanks to God he is better. I have no clue what could have happened to him, but seems to me like bedrest and good soft bedding was the thing. I am going to have to give them a little turn out today because otherwise Holly is going to tear the place down (she must have learned this from Sonny, the resident pro), but we will only have them in the little paddock for short periods of time. THANK YOU ALL for this support. I would have been a basket case without you guys.
[SIZE=14pt]MArty if his legs are still as lax as they were it is likely that he can pull something pretty easily. I would go easy on his turn out till he isnt limping at all or he doesnt wobble on those weak pasterns that he had. Let us know how he progresses he is a sweet little begger.[/SIZE]

So glad to hear he is doing better. I have to say of course check with your vet although i would say the opposite of lyn. give him short turn out times a few times a day so that he can get out and stretch his legs (as can holly) and he wont feel so pent up that he totally over does it once out to play.
While you all are here and I don't want to tie up the board with another Timmy post, but oh I can't stand those pointed toes. I've noticed that I have only seen them this pointed on mini foals.

I am wondering if I can just take my rasp and roll them or something? Or shouldn't I be worried about his pointed looking hoofs at this point?

Lyn, I don't know what you mean about his legs were lax or weak pasturns?
The vet just called and said she's coming over. She has other clients here having troubles so she is going to just stop in to check. She doesn't want Timmy in the trailer unless we have a full blown emergency, which apparently we don't and Lisa you're right. She said it would be good for him to get some fresh air and sunshine and stretch those legs out, but I have to wait for her to get here. You know this guy is quite a fireball and doesn't know "walk" or "take it easy," only run......zoom......
[SIZE=14pt]MArty the first pics you posted of him up his front and back legs were down in the pasterns. from his pasterns down they seemed pointed everywhich way. Thats why I kept asking. I didnt mean to stall him all day but dont let him out running all day either.[/SIZE]

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Yes I see what you mean. No his legs are not like that anymore. That did scare me at first. He stands up real good now and has pretty nice legs. And those milk toes things drove me nuts, but they came off in like 3 days.

I'll have the vet look at that Lyn, but she seemed to think he had good legs before. If he has weak pasturns, what do you do about it?
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[SIZE=14pt]Didnt you say it was the left front that he was limping on? I have to go back and read that.[/SIZE]

Nothing you can do about it but let him exercise a little bit and then put him up to rest. Those loose lax tendons can get pulled easily. I would put your mares on selenium and Vit E whenever you have one bred again..... BTW didnt you think one of your other girls was bred?

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[SIZE=14pt]You asked about rasping his toes.... it would help him to stand flatter on the bottom if you did rasp the toes and square off the front. They are growin pointed because he doesnt put wt flat on the bottom of his foot and he is so tiny he isnt heavy enough to wear it down.[/SIZE]

What type of sellinium and vitamin e and where do you get it?

Angel may be bred, but not sure. She hasn't come back in heat since May so I am watching her.
Marty, you need to get those pointed toes off...have your vet do it or your farrier needs to come..If he has lax tendons still then your farrier should open up the heels also...he will know what to do or should these little ones will actually form rockers out of their hoofs...I have a little one that was a preemie that had lax tendons also...they can really scare you but exercise will strengthen them if he hasn't done something serious to his leg.. Good Luck..I'll call you later.
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Timmy did really good with the vet and passed with an "A"

She thinks he just must have gotten brusied or stepped on, something dumb that was sore as heck. Goodness knows, he's such a fireball and keeps me worn out. He even crawled out from under his stall door last week and Jerry had to fix that and then it's been one thing after another that he's gotten himself into.

As far as his little toes, the vet didn't have a rasp with her, but said that Jerry could do that easily enough. I don't think I have enough faith in my farrier to figure this out and I'd rather have Jerry try. I just have to find the darn rasp.
We had a baby get her head stuck in an odd place in the fence. Found her that way. She limped afterwards. Of course I called the vet right away. Other people at the barn made fun of me for calling. The vet poo-pooed me because she was only limping and I'd called after hours. But I knew from this forum that babies can go down hill fast and I didn't know what it was! Plus it just about killed me to see a baby like that in pain!! Baby was fine in a day or two.

So I know exactly how you feel, Marty.

Also, had a little filly born with lax tendons this year and have already had the farrier do some trimming. They seemed to grow faster than the feet on the other babies. We will have to do it again this week, I'd say. She is 10 weeks old now. Good thing the baby doesn't mind. She fell asleep toward the end of it! LOL

So I'm with ya, Marty!!!

I am so glad to hear Timmy is doing better. These babies are a hand full. We have a new colt, born on July 5. He has been something else. He got hisself stuck under the stall parition at a week old and scared the heck out of us. He hurt his eye so I called the vet out at 5 am. He said he normally doesn't get calls before 6 am and was wondering who the heck was calling so early. Anyway, he is eye healed up fine but I was a state of pure panic. Then, two weeks ago he walked between the gate and the fencing into another pasture. My mom called me at work and I went home immediately. I let him back in with his mother. He nursed, turned around and tried to bite me. That is the other thing he really enjoys trying to bite. All babies seem to go through that stage but he seemed to start earlier than the others. My niece says it because they are colts.

Enjoy your little boy but watch out for what he is going to next. He has already stolen your heart!!!!!!!!!

He even crawled out from under his stall door last week and Jerry had to fix that and then it's been one thing after another that he's gotten himself into.
Ok, Marty, listen up......the foal won't crawl out from under the stall door. I'm sure what happened is he went to sleep and ended up under it then stood on the wrong side of the door.

When you rasp him make sure that you get him level. It would probably help to just take off the toe.

Also what do you mean the milk things took three day to come off? Do you mean the protective "plugs" on his hooves? That isn't normal if it took that long. If that happens again make sure you rasp or trim them off before that as it will help him straighten up.

So glad Timmy is doing better - these babies can just drive you crazy. Never a dull moment. Good luck with him.


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