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Sep 17, 2006
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brandon, ms

We started breeding at the end of march this year. Two of our mares have been in heat cycles for 15 days now.
These mares had foals last year, but were open for this year they foaled late last year. I was wanting to know if others are having mares in LONG heat cycles.WHat is up with the long heat cycle.

Last year we had a mare on foal heat for 16 days the vet said she would not caught, she foaled a nice colt this year. We don't understand what happen to 5-7 day heat cycles. Some of our mares last year were in 7-9 days.

we also notice some of the mares we are not breeding at this time are having longer cycles

Is the crazy weather or what?

we have been breeding for several years now this is crazy cycles. :DOH!
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I have been breeding for a long time. Big and small. I too have noticed when horses are in heat for a while they sometimes don't take depending on the mare. If they are in for awhile we give them the shot to make them ovulate and that works but not on all. Your weather could be a factor problem depending where you live. I had a mare in heat for 3 weeks a couple of years ago and gave her the shot to make her ovulate and then covered her with the stallion and she took.

Ha, breeding horses is so much fun!
I think our horses want us to work for them since we hand bred.
all this over time is touch on us

what type of shot did you give?Is the shot safe if they are bred?
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Yes, I hand breed too. The shot I believe is call HCG. You can ask your vet about it. He/she will know about it. You give it to them if they go pass 13 or 14 days in their heat cycle. I give it to them and breed them the same day then check the mare 48 hours later to see if she is still in. Most of the time it works and will take them out of heat.
To top it off now, I had a mare that lost her foal about a month ago and she won't cycle. She was in heat for one day this past Saturday and that was it! GRRR! So, it looks like I will be putting her on regumate in about 2 weeks for 15 days. Just what I need. :DOH!
Usually the transition heat or first heat cycle of the year is longer. We have never been able to get a mare bred on this heat cycle so have quit trying. The second heat cycle should be normal and this is when you should be able to get your mares bred.
I bred my mare last year for the whole month of April. Only every couple days. Then towards the end of th month, I just gave up and said either you're very slutty or you may be bred. So I stopped. She took and if going to foal anyday now. But she is older and didn't take the year before. Weird though. Thought maybe the first couple weeks was a false heat????

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