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Nov 15, 2004
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Central Missouri
Sure could use some pointers on taming a mane. I've been trying to get it to all lay on the same side, but so far, not having a lot of luck. It's soooo hot here I hate to use a mane tamer. The last thing I tried was about 5 short braids. Unfortunately they caused the hair to break pretty badly. It was under trimmed when I got him, and I really don't like that much. Any advice for me???
Wash it and put loads of conditioner on and do not rinse out. Plait it down and leave to fry. Take the plaits out before he starts to rub. Wash the conditioner out with warm water about two days later, plait down again and leave to dry then take out the plaits. That should do it. It will need a couple of goes to get it to behave.
Yup, braiding will cause breakage.

You can go back to braiding though, but only put in about 2 braids instead of braiding all the way down. And use conditioner like Fizz said too.

Or, just make a row of pony tails instead of any braids.
I agree--use conditioner and braid in larger braids. I usually have about 5 braids in the whole mane. Also, take out and rebraid as soon as it appears to start unraveling--sometimes every day. Good luck--manes can be a pain
I do a lot like Rabbitfizz does, only I don't use just a conditioner, I also use 100% lanolin on the mane. You can find it at Sally's in the black hair care section. Braid it in smaller braids, just do not take them all the way down to the ends. Every couple of days you will need to redo. It will work it just takes time.
My tip for braiding is to use 1/4 inch silky ribbon instead of elastics. Cut foot length strips and fold them in half, placing one half in one of the three braid sections. braid down to the end, or until you only have enough ribbon left to tie it off. Tie it good and tight, it will hold well without slipping down, but won't damage the hair shaft the way an elastic does. It also won't pull hairs out when you removie it, because you simply untie it and unbraid the hair. I do the same thing with 1/2 inch-1 inch wide ribbon for the tail.
Thanks for all the suggestions. I only braided about half way down; but I used rubber bands. Wonder if I shoulda used the "human" pony tail elastic thingies instead? I'll definitely try the heavy conditioner...but this time will use something besides rubber bands. The ribbon strips sound like a good idea, and on my next trip to Sallys, I'll pick up some lanolin. Thanks again!!
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Here is what i did for coco and it worked. His mane was all over the place ...both sides and frizzy and possible with out being an afro. I got some hair ties and put them in all the way down. Didnt braid it at all just bunched some up. Then usually every morning i would put this stuff called safe'n'easy which is like gell exept doesnt damage or color the hair. I would put it on the roots so it would lay over. I dont remember how long it took ...only about a week or two. His mane is perfect now and lays to one side wonderfully. Just make sure to keep tract of how many hair ties you have on him so they dont come off. I used this trick my tack dealer told me. He told me to use less hair and put it at the top of the mane not the bottom. and put the gell on that area to. It worked wonderfully as well.
I just band mine (there is about 20-25 bands) over no braids lots of cowboy magic.

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