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Sep 26, 2007
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I bought some elastic surgical tubing to make some side reins and was wondering how long to make them. Obviously I will make them adjustable to fit different horses and for different stages of training. My horses are all A sized.


I will admit I made my sidereins out of baling twine and heavy rubber bands from the produce department! I just used the minis themselves for measuring and made a huge number of knots along the length to attach my snaps to. That makes them almost infinitely adjustable, and the rubber bands provide some "give". Of course, they look ridiculous but are very easy to replace!
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Oh I have homemade ones too... except I have sliding side reins. I just have a single piece of synthetic (non cotton) clothesline. I have one end that is a snap knotted on, it snaps onto the side of the surcingle, goes through the bit on that side, runs through the ring on the back where the waterhook would be, through the bit on the opposite side, and is tied with a quick release knot on the opposite side surcingle. Just a length of rope with a snap on the end.

FYI note for newer drivers: sliding sidereins are typically attached at the girth, run up between the forelegs, through the bit then out to the side rings on the surcingle rather than up through the waterhook area. They are used to teach the horse to reach down and find their own balance without being restricted as standard sidereins can do.

As for how to measure, I agree with Targetsmom. I just put it on the horse and start adjusting!


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