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Nov 21, 2006
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Well we are finally live !!

Four cameras are on and there are three mares due to foal in the next two days. One should go tonight (though I have been fooled before).

We have Breeder Alerts on three of the mares, a mom and foal are in the final stall. That foal, named Pacific Jazz Melody, a beautiful black tovero pinto filly, was born on Monday morning before the cameras were online.

Link should be on our website soon.

For now go to:

Live Mare and Foal Webcam:

I sure wish i could see
I always get x's no matter what I try to do.

You have very nice loud colorful minis.I love to see your minis.
Congratulations on the cams!! They are a pain to hook up, but once everything works the way it is supposed to, isn't it wonderful??? Your horses look great!! Best wishes for a safe foaling.
Hi Joanne,

Nice cameras! I've been watching your little medicine hat filly - Melody, I think? - and she is a total stitch! Bouncing all over the stall like a jack russell terrier... Gotta do something with all that leg, I guess!

Beautiful horses and two beautiful foals so far - best wishes for your remaining mamas-to-be!

Wonderful Joanne! Another cam to watch. While I'm up watching my own I flip from cam to cam - hopefully I'll catch one of your foaling.
You have a livewire in the #4 cam. She has been bouncing all over the place. She even backed up and kicked at mom .. lol. She finally went to the milk bar .. filled up and laid down. This is so much fun watching them.
There are some plug ins that some computers need. I understand that Apple computers have some challenges, but they can be overcome. For the rest, We Foal has downloads for Mozilla and Windows. Once you do these you can see the cameras. I know they want you to se eteh cameras, so if the downloads do not work, contact the either WeFoal or Mare Stare and see if they can help you.

We had a sudden drop in temps here in Northern California. Last week we had weather in the 80's (Hot for us), the last two days it dropped to half that with a cold Artic wind. The foals were not able to get out yesterday and today does not look very promising as well. Melody is entertaining herself by running circles around the stall. The bedding is thrown to the sides and banked up when I go in there ! I had several people contact me yesterday saying that she was entertaining then or their kids with her antics.

Our first birth was yesterday at 6:30 am less than 12 hours after we had the cameras on line!


I am so glad you have Live cams now!
Welcome! We also have cams up this year too! We are on Marestare though.
Your cams are so clear...
We are waiting for our new color cams to get here hopefully this next week as ours are wore out from used 24/7 - 365 days a year for the last 3 years.

We will be watching and hoping we get to see a few Overo foals be born!


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