Little Bit of Heavens first foal!

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Jan 26, 2007
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Hampshire, Tennessee
[SIZE=12pt]Little Bit of Heaven is proud to announce the arrival of our only 2008 foal! He is healthy & strong and the Mother is doing GREAT!!![/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Sorrel and White Pinto[/SIZE]

When I say we were not even expecting him, last year we had divided a small pasture and put the stallion in one half and the moms and babies in the other half. Well minutes in to the move the stallion pulled a houdini and ended up in the pasture with the moms and babies. He began to breed one mare and we interupted, but we had no idea he had even gotten near the other mare. Well guess what the other mare is the one that had the baby!! None the less--we are thrilled!! I was so down that we would not be having a baby this year!!

His father is Heavens Rebel Pride and Mother is Heaven Dixieland Diva!!

Please share in our special moment and help me name our little guy!! Normally I think about names months in advance!!

Pics to come tommorow!!
Hey Denise!

Congrats on your new boy. That's quite a story.... little sneaks, aren't they.

How about: Rebels Pride of Dixie ?

See you in about 2 weeks at the Shelbyville show! Can't wait!!!!!

Congratulations on your new little guy. I start picking names months in advance too. Actually I name foals I haven't bred for yet and have a long list of choices (so far I have always used something new rather than the list tho lol) What about Heavens Dixieland Rebel. I look forward to the pictures.
Wow, your boy pulled a fast one on you! Congratulations!!!

Look at you go girl! I bet he is a doll, can't wait to see the pics.

How about Heavens Prides Design? Being as how you all had nothing to do with it, ha! Rebel Pride did it all by himself or do you think Dad sneaked and let him in. You think? Nooooo, he wouldn't do that

Wow, that is one totally awesome surprise!!! Can't wait to see his pics! Enjoy him to the fullest
Congrats!!! Thats the way to have a baby, dont evern know its coming and boom there it is.
Congrats on your colt. Sneaky stallion that you have there

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