lead mare not letting stallion breed other mares

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running in the red

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Aug 11, 2006
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I have a question. This will be our first year to breed all 3 of our girls. I have put the stallion in the field with the 3 girls and 2 of them have babies at their sides- he's fine with them. But, the lead mare [17 years old] has been breed for the last 3 days and will NOT let the stallion near the other 2 girls- they are in full heat and wat his 'attention' but, Katie will just go over and get in the way and pust the other mare away- Do I remove her from the field so that the stallion can finish his business? thanks joy
You need to remove the problem mare or hand breed the stallion. I have a mare that in a pasture setting will not let a pasture stud cover other mares and she's known to be a baby steal as well.
Carin is correct. But I have a question - is this lead mare also in heat? I had a mare a couple weeks ago who would go between her and the mare that I was trying to breed. Come to find out, she was in heat as well and would not let the jr. mare near the stallion. So I had to remove her and hand breed her.
I have a mare like that as well. It is because of her we started hand breeding. That said I now prefer hand breeding, I know whether the cover was good or incomplete, I know exactly which days they are bred on and I control the horses so no one gets hurt. it allows me to wrap the mares tail and wash both the mare and stallion before breeding. I also get a better conception rate on hand bred mares than I was getting on pasture breedings.
My mare will do this when bred! So, it doesn't seem to go along with her being in heat. She just doesn't want anyone else to get the attention.
all 3 girls are in full heat. The lead mare has breed for 3 days- I have watched and had good contact. I don't hand brred because I'm by myself during the day and need help to get everthing done and safe while doing this. Field breeding is easiest for me.I do watch and keep a record when and who got breed. Just pulled the lead mare from the field so we will watch and see whats happening now........
Runninginthered I was in no way telling you what method to use. I'm sorry if I came across that way. I know lots of people who pasture breed and it works just fine for them too. I was only sharing what I do and why.
I hope that your stallion will breed your other 2 girls now with the lead mare out of the pasture area... We had a mare 2 years ago that it didnt matter if she was in heat or not but anytime the stallion would try and breed another mare she would get really nasty -- if he was succesful in mounting before she managed to chase one of them away she would back up to them and kick either the mare getting bred or the stallion doing the breeding..... We ended up selling her and her new owners have no problems because they only hand breed but she was just not good in a pasture breeding situation. (we do both pasture and hand breeding)...

Good Luck!
I have two mares and the lead mare did the same thing. It's funny, when I posted it two yars ago it seemed no one had really heard of such a thing, so I'm kind of glad to know it's not so unusual.

I just pastured my stallion with both mares, then when I could tell the other mare was in heat--(she never shows heat, I watched the stallion and lead mare's behaviors)--then I'd put just them together so they could do their thing. Sometimes it just meant letting the mare and stallion out alone before getting into stalls at night. Once both mares were pregnant, the three got along very well.

I don't hand breed for the same reasons you don't. I know when the mares have been bred--it usually happens in the morning when I first let them out.