Just saw morning news forum members let us know how you are

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Aug 17, 2003
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Just saw the morning news and the terrible devastation in Mo Ark and Okla and just wanted all those with damage that my thoughts are with all of you this morning please check in when you can.
I'm in central MO. Everything's fine here. I have no idea what's happened. Guess I need to turn TV on and see what's going on.
Everything is fine here, we were watching one of the storms very closely as it was headed straight for my sister's house but the funnel lifted before it reached her house and everything is fine.

So glad to hear at least you guys are fine. Ark has several deaths and may have more tornados today. We want to move south but the tornados scare us so who knows. We dont have tornados here only ice storms and sometimes straightline winds.
[SIZE=12pt]We're fine. Luckily our mountain usually escapes everything but the rain & high winds...and we had plenty of those. I think we'll be calling the insurance agent about the sections of roof off of the chicken house![/SIZE]

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