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Oct 2, 2004
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Back to the 1950's LOL

Well I survived Kindergarten starting last week but I found myself at 3:00 putting cookies in the oven and had milk poured and 4 little plates sitting at the table waiting for my boys.

The next day my house got cleaned, I got ironed and did laundry (on top of all of my barn chores) 3:00 made another fun after-school snack.

DH has had a good meal all week w/ dessert to boot (doesn't happen often

Today I went to the orchard and got some fruit and I am baking a Peach cobbler and another good supper. The house is clean again (go figure if I do it daily it stays cleaner
) and I just made those little pretzels with a chocolate wafer melted on top for my boys snack.

My outside kids are also benefitting from my lonliness and they are all getting lots of loving and treats.

I miss my little devil boys but feel better when I do little things for them. Arggg I am such a mom
justaboutgeese said:
Just wait until you figure you can take some of that time for yourself and June Cleaver is liable to retire.

Yep...that's what DH is scared of
My mother was June Cleaver. If she were alive she would have a fit knowing that my kitchen looks more like Jurasic Park.

The best part of what you are going through is when those kids bring you home stuff that they hand made. I always turned to mush on Mother's Day at the cards and things they made for me.

It's fun too when you are asked to bake browines for the class. I loved doing stuff like that and making them special and decorating them all up for the kids.
Marty is so right about getting to make stuff for school.

I think it was when my daughter was in third grade. They were doing a whole theme of apples, Johnny Appleseed etc. My daughter volunteered me to make apple crisp. Their apple day was a huge success.

I was quite surprised when my daughter came home that day and handed me a folder. In the folder, were handwritten thank you's from every kid in the class. It was very heartwarming.
I still have those letters and my daughter is 21.

I have those HUGE rubbermaid containers in my attic (one for each boy) that I fill with all of their treasures
(And I have a special one for me with the "mommy" items) My Kitchen is decorated in all of their art and I wouldn't have it any other way
I don't feel so odd about my new found cleaning habit, now. I swear, the "nesting" effect from late pregnancy hasn't gone away- hubby and I are both hoping it doesn't go away!!

I've actually been pretty much keeping the dishes all done, since I have to wash bottles at least once a day (twice a day for now, since Nathan is suddenly eating like a horse...). I've also been doing some picking up and other cleaning most days- haven't tackled the bedroom though. Don't have the time, since DH sleeps during the day.

Oh boy. School. I've got a few years till that happens, but it's still weird to think of ME as the parent of a kid in school! I can recall my school years quite vividly still!!

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