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May 27, 2004
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Southern California
When I first visited these boards, I made my introductions in this forum. I was looking for a mini suitable for a program that would introduce underprivileged youths for teens. I was willing to take horses with minor health problems--temperment was my primary concern.

Well! As many may know from my post in the Lil Beginnings forum, I have found my mini. Gilliams Firelfy is a lovely sorrel 5yro 35" mare. Her owner, a member here, saw my post and PMed me info about her. Firefly foundered last winter, and bcody just wanted a good home for her. She supplied plenty of information (as well as leftover medication) and the xrays are on the way. Firefly is currently sound--and we'll be sure she gets trimmed every 4 weeks and otherwise gets the care she needs to stay that way. And... looks like Ferrana will need to share my heart a little.

Firefly has already been part of an education program. I just spent 2 weeks in an intense mathematics academy for teachers. It had elements of trig and calculous--subjects I never took!--and was geared at arming teachers with instructional strategies and perspectives. We had a sort of "show and tell" one day, sharing connections we've made with subjects covered. I did a mini presentation on geometry and horses, discussing the need for certain angles in correct conformation and their effect on gaits and soudness. I also showed the skeletal frame of a lower leg and hoof, first discussing correct angles, and then discussing the need for the coffin bone to be parallel to the hoof wall. I then described laminitis, and demonstrated how the rotation of the coffin bone can have devastating results. (It was Secretariat's ignoble undoing in 1989.) The crowd gasped when I showed how bone could penetrate the hoof wall, and I was stunned by how rapt their attention is. (An audience of 50+ teachers can be tough!)

I had several teachers come up to me that day and the rest of the conference sharing how fascinating the presentation was, and they had all kinds of questions about how my mini-to-be (who was on a trailer coming out to me at the time) would be treated. Even the two professors leading the training talked to me at length about it, and one said she went home and told her hubby all about it!

So let's hear it for Firefly--already doing her job before I even had her home!
What a creative presentation! I'm glad you're giving Firefly such a wonderful home.
That is GREAT! You are doing a wonderful thing. And I saw Firefly and she is simply gorgeous. The X rays are your road map to success. Best wishes for you and Firefly........
Good for you! And bless bcody for giving her mare such an opportunity.

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