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Nov 30, 2002
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Ok I do not use paypal........ I will send you a check........ I cannot find where/who to send my snail mail check to ..... $25 right & I am assuming this is a one time membership fee?.................. Also do you think you might get more people to join if you include members names/Farm Name in your first cook book? .......... Thanks again for all that you are doing...... oops -Added--Guess the cookbook listing would take away from the ads. Oh well, just a thought.
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Hi Cathy!

Thanks for your interest in joining CMHR. All the money from the memberships goes to helping the horses and maintaining our web site and for legal setup fees to keep the organization going.

You can send your membership information to our treasurer. The info is as follows:


Virginia St. Pierre

735 Chestnut Lane

Berryville, VA 22611.

Please include your email address when paying by check

Membership fee $25.00 Includes monthly Email Newsletter and 1 right to vote

Sponsorship fee $50.00 Sponsorship includes your membership and 1 banner link on our sponsor page.

The memberships are a yearly membership that ends March 31 I believe. Please contact our treasurer and let her know that you are sending it so that she can verify the amount, when the yearly membership ends, ect.

Ginny's email addy is: [email protected]

Thanks again, and please visit our web site:

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