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Aug 15, 2005
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Hi all, got a question for ya......Ellie is soooo itchy all the time, constantly itching her butt, neck, back ect ect. She's rubbing her mane and tail top so much that the hair is all short and spikey now. Could this be worms? Maybe a skin irratation? Or is this normal mini stuff? Thanks for your help!
We have a mare that does that too. It's terrible. She will even rub raw sores.

We have treated her for lice.....that would be my first suspicion......., but in Pia's case I feel it is an insect bite allergy.

You might try a lice dust for horses for a couple of weeks and see if that fixes the problem.

We had one that rubbed his tail neck back and sides and top of his head. He had lice. We dusted 3x and he was fine no more rubbing.
What's the name of the "lice dust" and can you get it at a regular tack store?
I'll ad my request to that, where and what did you use that wasn't harmful to your horses? I've looked at the local stores, in the Jeffers catalog, etc., and haven't been able to come up with any "dust" that doesn't worry me to use. Would love to hear from those that have used something successfully.
It could be a weed allergy, but most likely is a mite. You can get a product from your vet. Ask him for the equine, not the cattle strength. I can't remember how to spell it, and can't run out to the barn to look as it is raining, but is it something like Permectrin. It is an oil. I put it on my horse's tail and mane. A little goes a long way! One of my horses also has an ear that seems juicy to bugs, and I put a little on the tip of the ear.

We get the Dri-Kil dust for horses cattle hogs poultry and sheep. Kills lice mites ticks keds.Stinks like heck when you put it on but after rubbing it in good the horse usually shakes himself and then no more stink. We don't dust them where they live so as not to get it in food/water.
Seven dust will work too. I would consider worms too. Bug bites can do it too, but when mine have an allergy to bugs they break out in welts.

Even a bath in some medicated shampoo, or bleach/shampoo mix might help. If Jan (Wildoak) comes on she has the name of something she uses that works really well for allergy type symptoms that is horse product.

Right then, Buddy iches himself all the time, SHortcake our little mare does not, so I figure if HE had critters she would as they live together.

I have noticed that up in our area our horses are already making Winter coat, SHortcake looks like very thick Velour already, he is making a bit of coat but not much, and he's shedding like crazy during grooming, so I feel itching might be due to shedding summer and making Winter coat..

He seems to appreciate a good healthy heavy brushing and of course he LOVES to roll everywhere even the stall when in it so we watch him carefully.

He became quite depressed at fair having to be stalled for a week, and I also think stress may have come into play..

he will be training in the cart soon, will make for an interesting Fall, so we'll seeif he developes the ichies then..and perhaps a good invigerating brace, or rince would help, perhaps with diluted Listerine:)


[SIZE=14pt]As I was watching my horse one day,[/SIZE]

I love to watch her when she's at play.

I noticed she began to scratch on a tree,

Her mane and tail was driving her absolutely crazy!

I brought her in to have a real good look.

I was disgusted with what I saw, and that's all it took

. It was lice sucking and biting at her,

This cannot be happening in her beautiful fur!

But it was true, and they had to go,

I declared war on them right away you know,

so if you have some, just don't worry & take my advice

, and that will be the end of these horrible lice.

This is what I did to make them leave,

Just come along with me, and roll up your sleeves.

It's not hard, we'll make them go away,

just get some supplies and start right away

. I de-wormed with Ivermectrin-

but that's not always enough to get them

. Then dust away with de-lousing powder on it,

open the hairs up and get in there where they sit.

And then get a little lice comb that comes with RID,

and comb them out good, that's what I did.

And after that you can shampoo with flea suds

, I used Sargents and got it all over my duds

. And you can spray the RID too if you choose,

or use their shampoo, you can't loose

. And then the trick is to repeat some of this,

in 7 to 10 days and you're horse will be in bliss.

And check for the eggs, yes they lay eggs too,

but in a few days, they won't hatch now for you.

Cause you've clobbered the ugly beasties on your horse

. And he's so grateful for all that relief, of course.

But you must dis-infect all your grooming tools now.

Be sure you don't forget that halter too, wow!

And you need to really check yourself too,

cause those nasty buggars could have jumped onto you!
Marty you honestly need to put a book together... That one is on my barn door now.

Just because one horse is with others does Not mean that they will all have it. Often they will only get them when they are stressed out or run down a bit. (At least down here in FL that's the case, It may be differnt in a northern climate.)

Recently I bought a weanling colt, a stallion and a gelding from the same farm, the stallion was rather thin and run down, but the weany and gelding looked great. When we got home I realised much to my dismay, that the stallion was Covered in lice... ewwwwww. I have used 7 dust and ivermectin past, and clipped him and all the little suckers went right that away!

Asides that though, some horses can get sensitive to food allergies when the seasons change, or the extra hair lets the sweat collect, and therefore buggies, ergo itchies.

Just be careful with all the bathes that you do not dry out his coat.

I have used feed through fly control systems, (garlic, natural earth, grape seed extract, and apple cider viniger,) with a great deal of suscess in this type of horse. A lack of sweet feeds in their diest helps also.

Mine are all on the COB diet with added flax seed and minerals. I have noticed that it has cut down on the buggies alot as well....

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