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Jul 9, 2008
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Last August, I bought my first miniature horse. She is a sorrel mare and I bought her when she was 4 months old. Ever since, she has clung to me and I have taken up the name of mommy by her. We are a good team together. She is really good at showmanship. I practice daily with her. She sets up in 2-4 steps. She backs up nicely. She trots immediately and pivots three 360's in a row. She can have attitudes, so I correct her. I have never shown her yet. But I am just wondering if there could be the potential of us going to Miniature Horse Worlds before she turns 4? She turned 1 this April. Thanks to everyone.
Of course! From what you describe, you and your little gal have bonded. And she sounds willing!

You can take her into Showmanship and Halter Obstacle, from you description. For the obstacle, get her used to standing with you circling around her -- and she stays, make sure she's fine going over both a puddle and a tarp, that she backs straight, and side passes.

I highly suggest that you attend a mini show without your filly and just watch the classes you'd be most apt to enter into before going as an exhibitor.

Once you've gone to a mini show, this will help you judge how competitive your girl is in other classes as well.

PS: Forgot to add....... You didn't mention if your filly is registered. Each registry has different rules and regs regarding qualifying for their "World Show" or "National Show".......
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I think Miniv gave you some good advice. Go and watch a few shows first. You should also read the rule book. Remember showmanship is more about you then the horse.


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