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Congratulations Jill!!! What a beautiful baby girl! She is just so precious! Her and Ducky are two of my favorite forum foals so far this season. I cant wait to see what else is born at your farm.
Jill she is beautiful and I am so glad it turned out well for you!!!! She is just adorable! A big congrats to you on your lovely girl!!
Oh Jill - she is a cutie-pie! Bet you didn't know you could fall in love so quickly over & over again. Dunit is putting a beautiful expression on his kids - love that little gleam in the eye on Passion - just like her Big Brother.

Congrats on on the hard work - poor H - I am sure he is exhausted too! Give that guy an extra big hug!

Jill she is beautiful, Congrats. Sorry she had a hard time but so glad she is doing great.
So happy she is doing well. She is absolutely precious. I love her face. Congratulations.
I am sooo glad your story had a happy ending
Congratulations on a beautiful little filly
Wow congrats on pulling her through! I just love her little stripe! I know she is a keeper
Congrats on your beautiful filly! I'm sorry you had problems at first, but so glad she's doing well now!
Are you keeping her?

Oh, the poor little thing!!
I'm so glad she's doing better. She's lovely!

How many more do you have coming by DunIt? Any by Destiny or other sires?

Thanks, everyone!!! We think Passion's pretty special but you know how that is!!!

I think she's a keeper and Ducky, too. But really not even thinking hard along those lines right now. One day at a time and just wait and see. We do plan to offer foals for sale, but having recently sold some adults, etc., just going to enjoy them as our foals for now and will take it from there.

"We" have one foal left to come. We have a perlino BTU mare at Erica's in foal to Big City!!! And, I think she's due soon! Really looking forward to this foal. Khaki had been bred to DunIT, but doesn't seem to be pregnant so just our Double x Big City foal is left.

Erica's got a little something from Destiny in the works I do believe
Our first Destiny foal here is not expected until next year but will be EARLY like January maybe. Another perlino BTU mare we have has been out with Destiny since February and we think she's already expecting.

I'm so proud of DunIT. And still almost trying to wrap my head around it all. It seems like yesterday, I saw his new born pictures and was begging Erica to let me call him mine. Now he's made us foals that are the kind I'd have wanted to buy if they weren't already ours -- so I am just really tickled with what "Super D" and his wives made

And, yes, in the picture Lou is dripping milk. She's been getting it all over Passion's head. See this picture and it's not hard to see why Passion's face is milky and sticky:

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I'm so glad I live close so I can hug her in person. She's so adorable!
Congratulations Jill lovely filly and having just gone through the not nursing thing with Harvey can sympathize with the roller coaster of emotions you have been through its a killer. You dont even dare hope that they will make it when its touch and go like this. We didnt have the leg issue to deal with but can sure commiserate with the not nursing. OUr maiden did exactly what your mare is doing trying to feed him she sprayed him every time he got near almost like see its here all you gotta do is latch on. Harvey spent his first two days soaked in a milk shower as well. In fact one of the reasons the vet knew that he had finally eaten was that he was no longer soaked in milk. lol. So glad Passion is doing so well. Good JOB!!!!!!!
Oh my!!!! I just love her!!! Congratulations on such a beautiful little girl and I am so glad that she has made such a remarkable recovery!!!

Thanks again, everyone

This afternoon was really the best day yet. Since she was born, we just were doing what we could to save her and then yesterday had a bunch of things that I had to do unrelated to her. SO, this afternoon I got to really just spend time loving on her and enjoying her and it was really nice. She fell asleep in my lap and was dreaming

She is just such a sweet baby and very interested in everything she sees (doesn't miss a thing). Just really, really good to see her as she is now knowing how she was just a few days ago
Oh, Jill, that is such a scary start, but I'm happy she's doing great now! She's got a fantastic set of people parents!!


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