Introducing S H Charley II

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Feb 24, 2004
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Western Wisconsin

Oh yes, now I can see much better!! Very nice! I think you made a good trade for him!
He actually looks like a Charley! What's the S. H. stand for? Has he gone in the house yet?

I'll check back in a bit....

BTW, If you're looking for a better digital camera, try a FujiFilm FinePix-A-205. That's the one I use, and if you keep it on High Quality Mode, the pictures come out real nice. It's selling at WalMart and RadioShack now for about $100. It can hold up to 128 MB on an XD Picture Card. You won't find a good camera for that cheap anywhere else!
The only problem is, when you press the shutter butten, it refocuses, then takes the picture. So there's about a 1 to 1.5 second delay. I finally got the hang of it after about a month.
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Oh yes I will get a better Digital camera soon I have been looking at a few already....This one was soooo cheap that I just had to order it and give it a try lol I did this over a year ago ad it is a Polroid Fun 620 $29.95 I said it was CHEAP lol

Or I may get a nice digital camcorder, maybe one that has a hard drive in it.
Oh, I work for a company makes parts that go into hard drives of all kinds....From all types of computers and servers, to cameras, to soon to be in cell phones and like the MP3 players like IPod we also suppy that part for those hard drives....Oh the S H stands for my name Sam Higley
I even picked up more film some 400 speed so i can stop some action shots

And right now I am off work with pretty bad RA in both knees, both ankels, and also wrists...So If I am going to be off work through the winter months i wanted something I could take in the house and have a pal and be a companion, and no i have not had him in the house yet but sure have been spending the timew outside with him petting rubbing and just being with him...And even when I was trying to take these beter pics I had a hard time as he just wanted to be with me
But that is a good thing and I like it except when trying to take some pictures
Hi Sam, I think you did a great trade....but then again ..why wouldnt I????? (its always a good trade when you get a donkey!) Congradulations! I bet we'll be seeing pics of him in the house soon. question ..the background looks familiar, now I'm wondering if I was at your place, while we waited for 2 horses to arrive from Lineville, Iowa????(spring of 2003) You know what they say....inquirey minds want to know! Corinne
Connie: Yes~!! That was at my place~!!! I am going to Lineville next week to visit my friends for a week lol I was going to spend 2 weeks BUT now that I have my donkey I won't be able to stay away that long...
Hi Sam, I was wondering a few times if that was you! I am so glad to hear that you finally got your donkey. tell your "friends" in Lineville,HELLO from me, and that Slipper and Sioux both had beautiful foals for me this year. Slipper had a tiny palomino. Both are are my site. I will pm you one of these days. Corinne
Your new boy sure is cute! Congrats!


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