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Nov 30, 2002
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Piqua, Ohio
I know some have been posted on her before....and even thought I'd saved them, but now can't find them.

Would like to know of some Reputable International Equine Transporters that others have used with satisfaction.

I have used Perry Transport based here in Ontario (Canada) for shipping our saddlebred when we purchased it from it's location in Kentucky. They are pricey though but have huge rigs with air ride. I know of another called International Transport I believe. I also believe that All Points Transport do some international, you would have to check with Marilyn.
I could get some names from the dressage gals if you'd like.

Ya gotta tell us............who ya shippin'?!!!
Not shipping anyone...yet.
Just looking for contacts for a "potential" customer.

I think Tony has posted ones that he has used often, that he recommended. Anyone know who that one was?
I have been extremely pleased with EMO-Trans. The animal specialist is Mikki Markowski and I use the office in Houston for all my international shipments. Working on a group of sixteen going to Moscow, Russia, in a few weeks.

And Thanks, Tony....for that information. That's the one I thought I had saved, but couldn't find.
Hi Dona

Only a few companies will ship to Australia b/c Australia has very strict regulations for quarantine.

A friend told me that EMO-TRANS told her a month ago that they do not ship to Australia. They offer great rates to Europe though!

These are the other main companies that ship to Australia:

IRT - International Racehorse Transport - costs US$5,500 to just ship and quarantine one horse. Your buyers will also be up for road transport, tax, stamp duty, insurance, vet checks etc so they should budget for US$7,000 - US$8,500 to land a horse in Australia. We get hit with 10% tax on the purchase price and shipping cost of the horse.

Crispin Bennet - US$6,250 to ship and quarantine one horse. Plus you then have the usual additional costs tax, insurance, stamp duty, unforeseen vet bills, extra days in quarantine due to delays, road transport.....

If they are shipping pregnant mares, these mares must stay in quarantine for the whole duration of the pregnancy plus an additioal 2 weeks after birthing.

Australia will not accept horses that have been at quarantine stations that are not approved by Australia. You will find they have to go to the big main ones. I have contacted quite a few smaller quarantine stations and they have told me they do not meet Australian requirements. I have also contacted many companies that ship to Europe and they have also told me they cannot ship to Australia.

GOOD LUCK!! These are current quotes from these companies. I do not have quotes for multiple horses. Let me know how you get on with Emo

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The horse that I sent to Australia was shipped by International Race Horse Transit (IRT), I think, but it was many years ago.
Tony said:
The horse that I sent to Australia was shipped by International Race Horse Transit (IRT), I think, but it was many years ago.

- That sounds right Tony. Most Aussie buyers use them.


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