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May 27, 2004
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Cumberland Maine
I received an email from AMHA that the International Buckskin Registry now recognizes both AMHA and AMHR buckskin miniatures!!!

I think this is great, it opens another door to show our miniatures!!

Julie Flanigan

Victory Pass Stable

Too bad they don't allow pintos.
I know! I have a friend who has a buckskin pinto and she would register in a heartbeat. There is a charter club in Vermont so for me, its not to far away.


Victory Pass Stable

Can you post a picture of her? She may in fact be grulla…
I'm pretty sure my grullo boy could have been mistaken for a sooty buckskin, but no cream in the dam (tested), and pretty sure no cream in the stallion (untested, but black bay).

Here's Monte, at birth:

Tana and foal - June 23, 2012.jpg

A couple months old:

MOnte - aug 12, 2012 - 1.jpg

Yearling summer (he's second from the left, behind the older bay gelding):

Yearlings - July 16, 2013 - dakota and his gang.jpg

And, as a two year old, shed out and no mistaking his color:

Monte - July 17, 2014.jpg
I was only a little bit surprised with his color when he was born. His mother's dun doesn't show very well on her silver bay base (her dun factor is a little bit silvery and only a shade or so darker than her silver bay base coat.
I won't be registering her in this particular registry, but it is interesting to know the colors. Here's my 2 yr old "smutty" bucksin as a foal:


Here she is about 10 days ago:


As you can see in the first picture, her mother is sorrel and white. Her father is registered black.
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