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Nov 30, 2002
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So, we finally got to REALLY work on our garden yesterday. Steve hauled (mostly composted) cow poop from the paddock where Hamburger (steer) and Daisy & Pansy (heifers) have been living, into the garden. He smoothed it down some with the tractor bucket and the kids (Mia 6 & Zac 18 months) and I spent HOURS planting seeds into containers (in case we have ANOTHER freaking freeze)! I've already lost TWO rounds of plants to late freezes~ugh!

After Steve got the garden done, the kids and I planted some peas & beans and started planning where what plants would go. It was CHILLY here all day, so Zac had on his snow boots and spend the whole day falling down...poor kid.

We were walking across a nice rich row of poop & dirt when he took a header and came up spitting out CHUNKS of poop & dirt....YUCK!!!!! It was gross! :::shudder::: I mean most of the cow poop (which grosses me out anyway) is composted, but there's occasional chunks of it...ewww! I hate cow crap. Horses have OK crap. Cow crap is like toxic waste to me :)

Luckily HE didn't know what was in there, but Mia and I did. Of course, I was scooping it out of his mouth with my fingers and they weren't overly clean either @@. I decided it was a sign that he needed to have a bath, dinner and go to bed. He skipped his nap with all of the excitement, so he was ready for bed early.

EEEWWWWW I agree Laura, yuck, poor Zac!! Cow pies gross me out too where mini horse poop is no biggee, just cute little balls!!

He just might take a growing spurt so watch out!! LOL

I wish we would be clear of frost too, we want to open our pool so it has time to warm up before we actually want to swim in it!! I think its gonna be 31 here in Columbia, MO tonight...
When my son was a toddler, I had to watch him like a hawk in the rabbitry. He would pick up the spilled rabbit food off the floor and eat it.
At least it wasn't the "bunny berries!"

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