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Nov 30, 2002
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This has the best horse barn/stalls I have ever been to - just wonderful. I am so envious over that barn - I want it at MY house!!!Show staff, managers and judges were great and made for a very pleasant show - and the Springers again sponsered a dinner for all exhibitors on Sat night which is much appreciated.
What Erica wrote in her thread is soooo true! We really had a nice time, and an enjoyable show.

We are really proud of our horses on this trip, with our gelding for the first time ever we brought home TWO GRAND CHAMPIONS! And we won 2 lead crystal candle holders! We are like little kids, we have never won "things" before
You know the stuff they usually give out with the grands. Here is a picture of "H Smokin' Colt Pistol" he won 2 first place in Liberty, 2 first place in Model Gelding, 2 first place in Two Year Old Gelding, 2 Junior Champions, 2 Grand Champions, and 2 Youth Championships!!


Erica's Smoke Rings In The Dark---- he won 2 seconds in Liberty, 2 firsts in Model stallion, 2 firsts in two year old stallion and a junior reserve champion.

"Minih Smokin' Most Wanted", took a second and a first in Yearling stallion over and a Junior Reserve Champion.

"Erica's Oh Bay-b Bay-b" took a third and seond in yearling mare, 2 firsts in youth halter mare, and 2 seconds in solid color.


And our B size mare "H Star Spangled Smokey's Girl" took 2 firsts in model mare, 2 firsts in aged mare, 2 Senior Champions, 2 Youth Championships and 2 firsts in solid color.

There were several of us from our club that went to this show, it is always fun to have a group of friends to travel and show with!

This is our last show for the year until Nationals, we are all ready here at our place for a small breather.
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I was wondering how you did in Ill Looks like you did quite well.


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