I now own a gelding and horse with new smile

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Jan 31, 2004
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Pacific NW Scappoose, OR
Koda is now a gelding. Jimmy was there, available and so he had his teeth done and has a new smile
. By all accounts Koda is doing good. I do believe I have hooked another mini lover. The man of the house is head over heels for these two horses. He is inviting everyone he knows to come up and see them. His Dad is afraid of horses but really likes these two boys. So he will be in attendance when I hitch Jimmy this weekend to see what they are good at. They will have such a good time learning to drive. They are very amazed at how sweet these two boys are so I suspect they will really be amazed when they see Jimmy hitched and trotting out. Now the next trick will be convincing this wonderful group of people that my horses really do need to come home in another couple weeks. Afterall Koda may be with his Dad but

his mom misses him and keeps looking for both boys. Now the healing phase begins but with a Vet Tech taking care of him and a Vet being there on a daily basis to care for her own horse he will have the best

of care going forward from here.
Hi Marty

How are you doing? I am really excited about the last of my foals being gelded and then the plan is to have him professionally trained to drive.

All is well in my country. Jerry Lee healed nicely from his neutering and gets along much better with his good bud Diego. He's big, awesome and goofy as the day is long. There isn't a bad bone in this boy and everyone is his immediate best friend in the whole world. Love these shepherds but a toss up between them and collies for me.

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