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Mar 21, 2005
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I decided to enter our little Saluki girl, Coco, in a couple of local shows this weekend. I'm trying to let her grow up and not push her before she's ready, but do need to take her out once in a while to keep her familiar with everything. The last time she was out was at one show in January where she took her first point.

Coco turned 18 months old on Wednesday and so had to be in the Open Class.

Yesterday she won her class and took reserve to the major points.

Today, she won her class and then went on to Winners Bitch for her first major! Into the Best of Breed ring we went. I knew the judge (Keke Kahn) likes them pretty and was looking at Coco a lot. But I sure didn't think she would put us up for Best of Breed over three dog specials, two of whom are Specialty Best in Show winners (including her sire) , one of them with a big name handler. Well, she did! It was sooo exciting!

I had her breeder take her into the group ring. I didn't want Coco to pick up on my nervousness, and I wanted to give Deric a chance to show her himself. I also wanted to see how she looked from outside the ring. (Some of you Michigan people may remember Deric as the guy who popped the hay cube into his mouth when he took one of our horses in the ring at one of the Midland shows, LOL!)

Anyway, Coco showed just beautifully in the Hound Group, which is great because sometimes Salukis are very bothered by the other breeds for their first few times. But she handled it all just fine.....and she took a Group 3 in a strong Hound Group! It was just so exciting to do this with a young class bitch!

We are all so excited about Coco. I swear she gets prettier every single day. :) She is very special to me as she goes back to my heart dog Trulee and so many Salukis that I have loved and admired and that have meant so very much to me.

Anyway, thanks for letting me brag.

HUGE CONGRATS Shelley!!!!! That is awesome!!!!!

Are you bringing her to Midland???


I visited your website and she is beautiful!
Thanks, everybody!! We're still floating.

I will post the win photos when they arrive (provided they turn out ok). I tried to take some out in the yard today but didn't get anything worth posting. It's 30+mph winds here today. Maybe I'll be able to get something post-worthy in the meantime.

Here is her webpage (which I guess will need updating now!), although she is prettier now.


Actually, I see that when I click on the icons to add a photo or a web link, it is not letting me. I get an error window that says "Error! You must enter a URL." Wonder what's up with that?

Kathryn, I will probably not enter at Midland. I am not going to enter her in the rest of the local shows coming up this Spring because we want to save her for specialties and supported entries. We don't want her done too fast! She just turned 18 months old and is not grown up enough to special yet. We want to "play" with her for awhile before she finishes...

Maybe one or two days of the Kalamazoo weekend...are you coming there?

Sixstardanes, it was 3 points, one shy of 4. There were 6 bitches to make the major and then the 3 specials, and it takes 10 for 4 points.

Thanks again for all the congrats!


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