I know most of you have Shetlands etc but

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Dec 29, 2003
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Palm Beach (Jupiter) Florida
I have a wonderful mare, who we believe to be a Morgan/Quarter cross, who measures as a Large pony (A circuit hunter/jumper talk= 14.2) She posses a wonderful temperment, with a kind heart, and is very willing & up for anything. She is a blood bay with 4 socks and a blaze. She is my main lesson pony, so when I breed her, I would like to breed for the best, as I will lose income on the down time. Her faults are a thicker, plain head, a longer back, and her hind legs are too straight, leading to poor collection and manuverability in tight spots on a course. She was bred by accident to a borders paint stud (bay overo 15.3), who unfortunatly carrries some of her same faults. Her filly is beautiful, (a liver cheastnut with 4 high white socks and a blaze) but also has a straight hind end, longer back, and not very much a pretty mover. Both she and her mother are what I call dump truck movers, they get there, and sometimes with speed, but grace is rarely an option.
Her filly is also HUGE! She is a current yearling, born in may, who measures 13.3, the good side is the temperment, I can do Anything with this filly, she even does tricks! So now knowing all of this, I am trying to find a Nice welsh pony or similar type stud for my mare this year. Must be a great mover, and have a super typy head. I would love some chrome, but my mare seems to have it in supply so that is secondary. Live cover is only an option for me if you live in Florida, and will supply mare care, otherwise I need the little swimmers to be sent to me. Price can go up to $2 or $3 K. I am more then willing to pay for a great stud, with kids to prove it! Sorry this is so long but I only want the best for her, as this will be my next show pony prospect for my lesson kids to eventually show on. A great pony makes a great trainer that much better!

There are quite a few Welsh breeders in the northwest.....and many are producing fabulous sport ponies by crossing on t'breds. One word of note the Welsh breed overall "tends" to be longer backed and it isn't a fault it is part of the breed type. If you want names of a few farms I know of let me know I can post their websites......I love welsh especially section A and C
OK here are links to some farms I know or have actually been to

Lascaux welsh

These are some of the nicest people and they have wonderful horses she has produced stunning crosses with Oliver on t'bred if I remember right...


Talked to her many many times on the phone wonderful people and beautiful ponies

All Welsh Enthusiasts stallion page

This is a great club I was a member for a few years lots of lovely ponies and great people to contact......

The welsh breed is growing in numbers BUT still is a small breed here in the US most of these people know each other throughout the states and in europe and canada....I find welsh breeders as a group to be very helpful and friendly and they love talking about and showing off their ponies....good luck and have fun drooling....

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